• Industrial Electricity-Power IV

    Course Description


    This course discusses the principles and applications of basic control devices used in Commercial/Industrial applications.  Upon discussion of control devices, students will design and wire basic control circuits.

    I.          Electrical Symbols and Line Diagrams


    a.                   Line Diagrams

    b.                  Manual Control Circuits

    c.                   Automatic Control Circuits

    d.                  Magnetic Control Circuits


    2.         Logic applied to Line Diagrams


    a.                   Line number reference and numerical cross reference system

    b.                  Line Diagrams – signals, decisions, and action

    c.                   Logic Functions – And, Or, And/Or, Not, Nor, and Nand Logic

    d.                  Common Control Circuits


    3.         AC Manual Contactors and Motor Starters


    a.                   Manual Contactors

    b.                  Manual Starters

    c.                   Overload Protection


    4.         Magnetism and Magnetic Solenoids


    a.                   Magnetism

    b.                  Solenoids and Solenoid Construction

    c.                   Coils


    5.         AC / DC Magnetic Contactors and Motor Starters


    a.                   AC Contactors

    b.                  Overload Protection and Overload Heater Sizes


    6.         Time Delay and Logic


    a.                   Dashpot, Synchronous, and Solid- State Timers

    b.                  Timing Functions

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