• NFL & Team Qual Points


    For current points, see the door of Room 29.


    • Previous points, earned at competitions from before this school year, are grandfathered into your NFL point total.  They do NOT affect your team qual points.  View your NFL at http://www.nflonline.org/points_application/schoolprofile.php?id=6048
    • See me if you are interested in becoming a full student member of the NFL (you must have at least 25 pts., be at least a sophomore, and in upper two-thirds of class rank).  This is really impressive on your college apps.  Membership is $15.00.
    • Qual points are also used to determine winter team (VHSL) members in categories where there are more than 2 competitors.  County limit 2 per category; VHSL limit 2 per category and 17 overall.

    NFL Degrees

    25           Merit                     Plain stone

    75           Honor                   Emerald

    150         Excellence           Sapphire

    250         Distinction          Ruby

    500         Special                 Double Ruby

    750         Superior               Triple Ruby

    1000       Outstanding       Quadruple Ruby

    1500       Premier                Quintuple Ruby