• Technical Math

    Technical Math is a general math course designed as a core course for the evening apprenticeship program, but is open to anyone desiring a math course to increase their basic math skills or as a refresher course for people that have not used Math for some time.  The course consists of general math starting with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  It continues with fractions, decimals, squares, and square roots.  The course then moves into algebra applied to real world problems where formulae are used and explained.  Finally there is a short introduction to trigonometry with an emphasis on practical application. 


    The math course is not limited to 12 weeks.  Students advance at their own pace and are allowed to take the time to cover the material


    Apprentices are given a screening exam on the first class and if they score 75 or better will be given credit for the class.  Please bring a calculator for the screening exam.

Last Modified on November 6, 2007