Introduction to Sewing

    This class is designed for students who want to learn beginner sewing skills or if it has been quite a while since you have sewed, and you want a refresher course. You begin by learning sewing machine basics, and you will be working on a project in the first class. You will learn to cut fabric using a pattern and printed measurements. The goal is to learn multiple techniques that you can apply to other sewing projects. You will be making a pincushion, pillow covers, a tote bag, and an apron. You will be washing and pressing fabrics at home. As we get further into our course, you may be asked to cut and press at home also. See you in class!

    Supply List

    1. Sewing Machine (for beginners a Singer or Brother brand is recommended)
    2. If you have a machine already; please make sure it works.
    3. Spool of black thread
    4. Spool of white thread
    5. Fabric scissors
    6. Hem gauge
    7. Measuring tape
    8. Seam ripper
    9. Straight pins (longer ones with color heads are easier to use)
    10. Notebook/binder to keep your accumulated handouts in order and take notes

    Note: Walmart sells a kit that includes the above list with the exception of the sewing machine and the binder.