Diesel Equipment Technology II



    David Rost


    540 245 5002 ext 236


     Diesel Equipment Technology Lab




    12:15 to 2:30 pm

    · The second year Diesel Equipment Technology class meets in the afternoon for six, six-week periods for a total of 180 days. The two hour class time is divided into one-hour classroom activities and one-hour shop activities. The text used in this class is Heavy-Duty Truck Systems 5th Edition by Bennett and Norman.

    · The first six weeks will start with a review of the first year which covers the first six chapters of the text. The review includes servicing and maintenance of HD trucks. Tools and safety will also be reviewed. Two weeks will be given to Chapter 5, Fundamentals of Electricity and Chapter 6, Fundamentals of Electronics and Computers.

    · The second six weeks will cover Chapters 7 through 12 in the text. These chapters will include; Batteries, Cranking Systems, Charging Systems, Electrical Circuits, Electronics, and Multiplexing.

    · In the third six weeks Hydraulics will be reviewed, Clutches, Standard Transmissions, Torque Converters, Automatic Transmissions, and Electronically Automated Standard Transmissions will be covered.

    · During the fourth six weeks Driveshaft Assemblies; Heavy-Duty Truck Axles; Steering and Alignment; Suspension Systems; and Wheels and Tires will be covered.

    · The fifth six weeks will cover Chapters 28 through 31. These chapters will include Air Brake and Hydraulic Brake Systems; ABS and EBS; and Air Brake Servicing. Chapter 32, Vehicle Chassis Frame will also be included.

    · The last six weeks will cover Heavy- Duty Truck Trailers; Fifth Wheels and Coupling Systems; Heavy-Duty Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems. During this section AC Principles, Components and Testing will be covered.