• Hi All,


    We now have our own email address vctchorticulture@gmail.com here at VCTC! You are also welcome to email us at beeryk@valleytech.us 

    This will enable us to send out our Greenhouse announcements in one email.  Also, this helps us minimize our printing and postage costs.

    Many of you receive our email announcements via a school mass emailing or email administrator.  You may wish to email us directly so we can easily place you in our contact list to send you your own announcement.  Also, look for us on Facebook: Valley Career and Technical Center Agriculture and on Instagram at VCTC Agriculture.


    We thank all of you for your enthusiastic support of our students and horticulture program and look forward to seeing you at our Holiday Open House on December 1st!




    Kristin Beery
    Horticulture Instructor

    540-245-5002 x209