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    Wilson Middle School


    All students at Wilson Middle School have many opportunities for career exploration.  One of the best ways for students to experience different careers in action is through the exploratory courses offered at our school which include: 
    School counselors also help students explore careers in order to create academic and career plans (ACP) in the 7th & 8th grades. These academic and career plans assist the high school counselors with scheduling the appropriate classes leading to the college or career of the student's choice.
    Listed below are the classroom career lessons taught by the guidance department:
    Grade 6
    Sixth Graders at WMS take an interest inventory based on the Holland Code    Students will match their personality with a cluster of careers. Listed below is what those career clusters look like:
    Yellow = "Doer"  Hands on jobs, usually like outdoors, ex: mechanic, welder, carpenter, farmer
    Green = "Creator" Jobs that let you use creative thinking, ex: artist, writer, actor
    Purple = "Persuader"  Jobs that require you to persuade others opinion, ex: salesman, lawyers, politicians
    Red = "Helper"  Jobs that let you help others, ex: nurses, teachers, EMT
    Blue = "Organizer" Jobs that work with detail often with records or money, ex: accountant, teller, bookkeeper, data clerk
    Orange = "Thinker" Jobs that use math, science and problem solving, ex: scientist, doctor, engineer
    Students can use this color chart to find out about a variety of jobs and careers, requiring varying levels of training and education.   While this test is a fun way to begin career exploration, results shouldn't limit student choices.  Students can explore any career they are in interested in.
    Grade 7
    Seventh Graders can go online for career exploration at Virginia View . This amazing and free website provides students with up to date and expansive information about careers, skill building, continuing education and other resources. Seventh graders will start thinking about a career path and the beginnings of an Academic and Career plan. 
    Grade 8
    Eighth Graders receive a variety of career exploration.  At the beginning of the year, students will learn about high school, including diploma options, credits and GPA.  Students will also complete an interest inventory from  Exploring Your Future ,courtesy of the Virginia Employment Commission.  
     High school counselors visit our students once in the Fall and then again in the Spring to select ninth grade elective courses. 
    In addition eighth graders have a tour of the high school and Valley Tech and the Shenandoah Valley Governor's School to see some of their amazing programs.  Eighth graders will also get to tour WMHS and become familiar with the building and hear about the exciting opportunities that await them.
    Several of our 8th graders will also get to visit the Career Assessment Center to help them narrow down their career interests.
    Curious about High School Classes? Students can access Wilson Memorial High Schools Course Description Guide. 
    Students and parents can also check out the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) Academic and Career Plans of Study website.   


Last Modified on May 24, 2018