• WMS PAC Meeting Minutes

    August 15, 2016


    In Attendance: Mr. Eckstrom, Shelley, Jody, Susan, Dianne, Nicole, Tara, Jenny, Shelby, Krista, Lori

    Old Business:

    Teacher Breakfast Review

    -        Teachers loved it!

    -        Many were able to each lunch with the leftovers

    -        It set the tone for a great morning meeting

    -        Thanks to everyone who contributed!

    Donation Table Review

    -        Several members said they heard negative feedback from parents about the giving tier system we currently have (wings)

    -        Want to have an option for keeping donations anonymous

    -        Since Mr. Eckstrom isn’t doing a large multi-page newsletter, we won’t be listing donors individually anymore

    -        At the end of the year, we should revisit this issue and make a decision about how to move forward

    -        A parent complained that the PAC doesn’t do anything to honor bus drivers. We agreed to make goody bags for them this year. Mrs. Farrish is the contact person.

    -        Everyone agreed that the first 4 days at the table sees the most activity. Next fall we can scale back the days we sit at the table.

    PAC Transparency

    -        We will post our budget (see below) for the year on the WMS website along with a roster of members and our mission statement.

    -        Shelby and Jenny will send that to Mr. Eckstrom who will post it.



    New Business:

    PAC Meeting Scheule for the Year

    (all meetings are on Mondays at 5:30)

    August 15

    September 12

    October 10 *THIS IS A CHANGE

    November 7

    December 5

    January 9

    February 6

    March 6

    April 3

    April 24

    May 8


    PAC Luncheon Schedule for the Year

    Sept 22nd – Krista and Shelley

    October 27th – Susan and Tonia (Halloween)

    November 18th – Shelby and Jenny (Thanksgiving)

    December 20th – PAC Holiday lunch

    January 26th – Dianne and Tara (Soup)

    February – TBD due to weather issues (maybe order pizza?)

    March 23rd – Lori and Nicole (potato bar)

    April 20th – Jody and Jenny (plus other PAC members who can help)

    May – Teacher appreciation week


    Popcorn Dates

    -        October 21st

    o   9am – 11am Shelley and Krista

    o   11am – 1pm Tara and Susan

    -        Future dates are January 11th, March 21st

    -        For the last 9 weeks, it was suggested to have freeze pops instead


    -       Jenny and Shelby will reach out to Bev to get an updated copy of our budget. A spreadsheet was created to account for all or spending and compare it to last year’s spending.

    -       We will vote on that at our next meeting and then post it to our website.

    Luncheon Volunteers

    -        Shelby will find the volunteer sheets that were collected and give them to Jenny

    -        Jenny will create a master database of volunteers. That masterlist will go to the PAC members who are running the montly luncheon. There will be a place for them to check off which volunteeres they used during their month.

    -        Mr. Eckstrom volunteered to post that as a googledoc


    PAC Informational Flyer

    -        Kirsta volunteered to redesign this and will send it to Shelby and Jenny. She will bring the final version to our next meeting.


    Principal Update

    -        School is off to a great start!

    -        Mr. Eckstrom asked what he should do with all the old, outdated PAC info on the website. It was agreed that he should delete it and we will provide him with new information by our next meeting

    -        He asked if we thought parents would like notification on the upcoming lock-down drill. We agreed that it wasn’t necessary as long and the children were informed and prepared.

    -        There will be no cell phone usage from 7:45am – 3:05pm

    -        There have been some dress code problems, especially with girls wearing very short shorts. Several warnings were given and the dress code policy will be enforced by the middle of the second week of school

    -        The 6th grade wing should be done early

    -        Some 6th grade parents asked why water bottles were not allowed in classrooms. Mr. Ecksrom was going to check into that. He knew of no school rule or policy that didn’t allow water bottles in classrooms

    -        Fun nights are back, the first one will be at the end of September

    -        Clubs have undergone changes

    o   Club days will mean a shortened school day. Classes will end at 1:30

    o   There will be 2, 45 minute club rotations. Students can only pick 2 they wish to do during school but can do more after school

    o   Clubs will meet 6 times per year

    o   The first club meeting will be at the end of the first 9 weeks and then every 41/2 – 5 weeks after that

    o   Many more clubs will be added to keep numbers small, since this new format will encourage more children to join clubs

    o   All clubs will have an SOL connection

    o   Students do not have to do clubs but will be encouraged to. If not, there will be a study hall and/or remediation classes going on

    o   Club sign up day is September 1



    Next Meeting – Monday, September 12th at 5:30pm

Last Modified on August 31, 2016