• English 10 Syllabus
    Jenny Foley-Zambrotta
    COURSE DESCRIPTION:  English 10 takes a very practical approach to many skills that the students will need to move onto in the world of work and college. These include reading skills, communication skills, critical thinking skills and writing skills.  The course also covers the essential elements, genres and themes of literature.  The course introduces basic forms of narrative, persuasive, descriptive, and expository writing, familiarizing students with writing as a step-by-step process.  The course reviews the fundamentals of sentence structure, sentence combining and language mechanics.
    TIME FRAME                                                                  UNITS                                                   SOL OBJECTIVE #
    1st Nine-Weeks                                                           Workplace Readiness / Classroom Awareness
                                                                                      Grammar Review                                          10.7
                                                                                      Writing Clean Up                                          10.6 and 10.7
                                                                                      Writing Portfolio                                           10.6 and 10.7
                                                                                      Short Stories                                               10.4
                                                                                      Vocabulary                                                  10.3
                                                                                      Oral Communication                                     10.1
                                                                                      Poetry                                                         10.4 
                                                                                      Drama                                                        10.4 
                                                                                      Persuasive Writing                                       10.2 and 10.6
                                                                                     Writing Portfolio                                         10.6 and 10.7
                                                                                     Vocabulary                                                10.3
    2nd Nine-weeks                                                           Nonfiction                                                 10.5
                                                                                     Short Novel                                               10.4
                                                                                     I-Search Project                                         10.8
                                                                                     Expository Writing                                      10.1 and 10.6
                                                                                     Writing Portfolio                                         10.6 and 10.7
                                                                                     Vocabulary                                                10.3

    Grading Policy: 

     Students’ grades are figured by a point system.  Homework, in-class assignments, quizzes, tests, and projects are each assigned a designated number of points depending on the size of the assignment.  (For example, a quick quiz with 10 questions = 10 points).  At the end of the nine weeks, all of the points possible for each assignment are totaled and the percentage is figured.   (For example:  the total points possible for the nine weeks may be 565 points.  If the student earned 524 points out of this possible 565 for the nine weeks, the grade would figured as follows:

                                  524 = 92.7=93%=A


     *There will be opportunities for extra credit through Vocabulary Games, Bonus Test Questions, and  Extra Bonus Assignments.

    **I am always happy to give any extra help anytime to students who may need it.  If you have any

        questions or concerns about English 12, please feel free to call me at FDHS - 245-5050 anytime!!