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    Students may check out 2-3 books at a time.
    They are required to have a "just right" book with them at all times.
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    Getting a Library Card

    Library cards are free toanyone 5 years old or older who lives in the cities of Staunton,Buena Vista, Charlottesville, Harrisonburg,Lexington, and Waynesboro;or the following counties: Albemarle, Augusta, Bath, Greene, Highland, Louisa, Nelson,Rockbridge, and Rockingham. Also, employees of the City of Stauntonand the Staunton City Schoolsmay have a card regardless of where they live. A pay stub will be consideredverification of their employment.

    To register, you must have ID showing your current address. If you are under12, you must also have your parent’s signature on your application. Librarycards are processed while you wait. The same card may be used in the Augusta County,Staunton, and/or Waynesboro libraries. All three librarieshave the same patron list. A new card does not need to be issued to patronswith cards from the Augusta County or Waynesborolibraries.

    Protect your card: you are responsible for all itemschecked out on it no matter who uses your card. Report lost or stolen cardsimmediately - you are responsible for its use until it is reported. Replacementcards cost $1 and are obtainable with an ID showing your current address.

    Using the public library