• Augusta County Schools Apprenticeship Training Program for Bus Drivers'

    CPR and FirstAid 
    The CPR/First Aid Program is a course developedto provide training in the provision of CPR and emergency care for those whoare likely to be the first person on the scene of an accident, fire, or medicalemergency. The emphasis of the course prepares the responder to addressimmediate life threats and injuries until trained emergency personnel areavailable. This training is appropriate for professionals such as teachers,school bus drivers, postal employees, and large segments of industry such asminers or factory workers.

    BegComputer/Introduction to Windows 7 
    This course introduces participants to the useof a computer, using Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 7. In this course,participants will learn how to recognize and customize properties of Windows,and learn to use some of the built-in programs such as a Word Processor. Filemanagement and organization will be a topic of focus. In addition, participantswill learn to create an efficient work environment, clean up their system andbe introduced to finding information on the Internet. 

    Industrial Safety 
    This course covers hazard communication, machine guarding, lockout/tagout,confined space entry, flammable liquid hazards, portable fire extinguishers,portable tool hazards, lab safety, lifting techniques, personal protectiveequipment, hearing conversation, & fall prevention. Virginia OSHAregulations are reviewed as applicable to the subject.


    Introduction to Google Drive
    This course has been created to  help the student who has little to no experience with Google Drive. Students will work in Google Docs, Google Sheets, Forms, and Google Slides.  This is a hands on course with lots of exercises to help the student become familiar with Google Drive.  

    Beginning Excel

    Is designed for the student with a limited or no experience in using this program. Lessons will cover the basic design of the program including the worksheets and workbooks,changing the appearance of a worksheet, organizing a worksheet, worksheetf ormulas, making the worksheet useful, working with multiple worksheets and working with charts. The student who completes this course should be prepared to take MOS core certification or SAM core certification.


    Basic Supervision

    A class designed to give the studentan overview of the elements of leadership/supervision to promote a betterunderstanding of how the employee can be more productive and successful in theworkplace.

    Behaviors of Successful People/Customer Service 
    Provide employees with a short training moduleon what behavior is expected in the work place. Emphasis onpunctuality/attendance, co-worker relations, constructive criticism,professional appearance, work quality, work attitude, work ethics and customerservice


    This class is designed to teach the basics of communication as it relates tothe workplace. Topics will include written, oral, non-verbal and electroniccommunication; listening; employer expectations; conflicts and how to resolvethem; calming angry customers; and the components of an effective job search.By the end of this class you will:

    • Have developed a resume
    • Demonstrate good interviewing skills including wage negotiation
    • Know how to write a performance evaluation and a business letter
    • Understand job applications and how to complete them
    • Be able to understand and deal with criticism
    • Make a 5 minute presentation to the group
    • Any additional information the group requests

    Bus Driver TrainingClass/Transportation Needs for Special Children

    The busdriver training class encompasses specifically the information required tobecome CDL certified as a bus in a 36 hour course.

    The courses of bus driver training andinstruction of how to transport special needs children have been combined toassist the student understand and appreciate the role, responsibilities and
    knowledge needed to become a safe and effective bus driver.
Last Modified on November 16, 2016