• The Preschool Experience

    It is our goal to provide a comprehensive preschool experience for...

    The Child –

    This preschool experience encourages each child, to think, reason, question, solve problems, and experiment.  Children are encouraged to make choices and display independence.  Each child’s intellectual and physical development is fostered with a variety of approaches that reflects the needs of the child.


    The Family –

    We recognize the vital role of family in the learning opportunities for preschool children.  Parents are supported as they meet the basic needs of their children for safety, food, emotional support, and health care.  Developing partnerships with families includes communicating about preschool, supporting family needs, and connecting families to their communities.


    The Classroom –

    The classroom provides an environment rich with learning resources and a professional teaching staff.  This preschool classroom curriculum is designed with developmentally appropriate instructional strategies, activities, and materials.  We provide a balance that includes cognitive, social, language development, physical, creative, and routine activities. Each inclusive classroom provides high quality educational environment with a duly endorsed teacher and teacher assistant.