• The Preschool Curriculum

    Our primary curriculum is The Creative CurriculumThe Creative Curriculum is a research based curriculum that considers the following in developing a quality education setting for young children:

       ♦   The family’s role

       ♦  The teacher’s role

       ♦   How children develop and learn

       ♦   The learning environment

       ♦   What children learn

    The Creative Curriculum is used in our classrooms to help guide the arrangement of the rooms, the learning centers in the rooms, and the skills that are taught to children all with a focus on being developmentally appropriate for young children.  

     The Literacy Supplement Curriculum

    Working together with The Creative Curriculum, our preschool program also uses the Blueprint for Early Literacy curriculum as our literacy supplement.  The Blueprint for Early Literacy curriculum is a research and data based program that develops pre- and early reading and writing skills in young children.  It uses learning themes done through the school year.  The curriculum introduces the skills needed for children to become readers and writers, and then builds on those skills with each new theme.


    Our preschool program does ongoing assessment to make sure that each child is making progress and learning skills that will help him or her be successful in school.  We do this by using a program called Teaching Strategies GOLDTeaching Strategies GOLD is made up of many skills (objectives) that young children need to develop for school success.  Our teachers collect information on each child and use the Teaching Strategies GOLD program three times a year to create a child development report for each child.  These reports are shared with the family during conferences or home visits.  Families are encouraged to help decide which skills they want to see their child learn, and given the chance to help work on those skills at home as well.

      Social Emotional Development

    The Augusta County Preschool program follows The Center on the Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL).  CSEFEL gives our classrooms ideas and skills to help each child build good social emotional skills and school readiness skills.  To learn more about CSEFELplease visit the CSEFEL website.