• Syllabus


    Mr. Walker

    Fort Defiance High School


    Sociology is an academically rigorous course.  The course is designed for college-preparatory students.  Sociology is NOT an “Easy A” class.  We will have AT LEAST seven major projects and several more minor projects.  Student Initials: ___________


    Course Description:

    The focus of this course will examine social behavior and human groups, particularly the influence of culture, socialization, social structure, stratification, social institutions, and differentiation by race, ethnicity, gender, age, class, and socio-cultural change upon people's attitudes and behavior.  The knowledge, skills, and perspectives of the course are centered on American society and societies throughout the world. 


    Course Objectives:

    Students will acquire the knowledge and skills of three paradigms of Sociological thought and perspective. The units presented in this course will build off of those three fundamental theories for Sociology. Students will thus have a better understanding of society and the sociological perspective from three different methods and belief structures for discovering social behavior. Furthermore, each unit has a set of specific objectives for that unit.


    Overview of Topics Covered:

    The units for this course will be: 1) Sociology Theory; 2) Culture; 3) Race and Oppression; 4) Gender and Age, with a continued reflections on the causes and concepts centered on oppression; 5) Social Issues; and 6) Conflict Resolution.


    Textbooks and Materials Used:

    There is a textbook that will be used occasionally; however, students will not be issued a book and the books will remain in the class. The majority of content materials will be provided to the students by Mr. Walker or created by the students themselves.



    Tests, Quizzes, and Projects                                                                50%                            

    Homework, Class work, Bell work, Participation*                             50%

    *Rubric will be reviewed

    Grades will often take longer than three days to grade--especially projects.


    Homework, Projects, and Assessments:

    There will occasionally be homework given but most outside of the classroom work will be given in the form of projects. Students are accountable for establishing a consistent timeline in completing all assignments and projects to assure that no student has more than 45 minutes of homework a night.


    Units 2-6 will have a project component. These projects may be individual projects, and/or partner projects, and/or group projects. All forms of projects will have an individual grade component in determining the student’s grade.


    Other tests and quizzes will be assigned when appropriate and often will be designed to serve as a formative assessment.


    Some assignments will take 3 days or less to grade and some assignments will take more than 3 days to grade. Projects and more extensive assignments will almost always take longer than three days.



    For all other inquiries regarding this course, make-up work, late work, etc… please refer to the Procedures document.



    I understand this is an academically rigorous course and that I will be required to do a lot of work:






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