• Technical Drawing and Design is a foundation course in which students learn the basic language of technical drawing and design. Students design, sketch, and make technical drawings, models, or prototypes of real design problems. This course is especially recommened for future technolgogy, technical trades, engineering and architecture students.  Student will use Autdesk AutoCad. 
     Technical Drawing and Design Course:
    What is drafting and what is the purpose of technical drawings
    Introduction to AutoCAD
    How to use templates and save your work
    What are all these buttons?
    Introduction to Multiview drawings
    Introduction toIsometric Drawings
    Using vanishing points to portray objects
     AutoCAD Fundamentals
     Basic Object Construction Tools
    Geometric Construction and Editing Tools
    Object Properties and Organization
    Orthographic Views
    Basic Dimensioning and Notes
    Templates and Plotting
    Auxillary Views and Using Grips 
                                                                                                           Section Views
    Assembly Drawings
    Drawing Poject
    Research opportuities related to AutoCAD
    Introduction into 3D Printing using MakerBot Replicator + 
    Final Exam Project and Presentation