•  Course Description:

    The Veterinary Assistant Program introduces students into the field of Veterinary Medicine. Students will explore various careers in Veterinary Science and learn specific skills as a Veterinary Assistant. This class teaches small and large animal health care and how to assist the veterinarian with routine examinations, covering such areas as proper feeding and nutrition, animal grooming, administering medication, understanding disease and prevention, safe animal handling, and facility maintenance. This program can provide the skills essential for becoming a veterinary assistant or can prepare the student or further study in the veterinary field. Students work in both a lab and a classroom setting. They will experience working with live animals utilizing proper safety procedures.

    This program is Dual Enrolled with Blue Ridge Community College.    Upon completion of the 2 year program, students will receive their Certificate of Completion from Blue Ridge Community College in Veterinary Assisting. VCTC Veterinary Science