• Parenting


    Course Description, Goals & Objectives

    This course focuses on assessing the impact of the parenting role in society; taking responsibility for individual growth within the parenting role; preparing for a healthy emotional and physical beginning for parent and child; meeting developmental needs of children and adolescents; building positive parent-child relationships; using positive guidance and discipline to promote self-discipline, self-respect, and socially responsible behavior; obtaining parenting information, support, and assistance; and planning ways that families and society can share in nurturing children and adolescents.


    Attendance, Makeup Work and Late Assignment Policy

    ·         You will receive 5 daily points for attending class (resulting in at least 10% of the overall grade)

    ·         100% of your grade is determined by your attendance in class, therefore graded classroom assignments and daily participation points can be made up for the first 10 absences (does not matter if they are excused or unexcused absences).  Participation and makeup work will result in a zero after the 10th absence and cannot be made up for a grade.

    ·         Late work will be penalized for each day late.


    Class Expectations

    1.    When you enter the classroom take a seat, do not loiter in the living room or other areas.

    2.    Be respectful of your classmates and teacher.  Raise your hand before speaking and listen quietly when others speak.

    3.    Use the restroom before entering the classroom.  Restroom privileges will only be allowed for emergencies.

    4.    You will not be allowed to go to your lockers or to make phone calls, take care of this before you come to class.

    5.    Be respectful of the classroom and kitchen areas.

    6.    Stay in your seat until the bell rings and wait for the teacher to dismiss you.

    7.    Cell phone use will not be tolerated.  The county policy will be strictly enforced.

    8.    The county wide dress code will also be strictly enforced.