• Nutrition and Wellness


       Course Description

    This course will apply basic concerns in food and nutrition and the nutritional health and well being of humans.  Besides basic food preparation, we will cover a wide range of topics including eating disorders, physical activity, and other effects on health.


    Course Goals and Objectives

    ·   Recognize and practice healthy food choices by using the food guide pyramid

    ·   Analyze the importance of physical activity in lifestyle

    ·   Identify the aspects and signs of eating disorders

    ·   Participate in food preparation and teamwork

    ·   Recognize the importance of safety and sanitation

    ·   Identify appropriate equipment in food preparation



    Attendance is important because a lot of class material is not written and kitchen activities are dependent on attendance.  Please let me know ahead of time if you are going to miss a class in order to arrange makeup material.



    Grades will be based on tests, quizzes, notebooks, projects, lab work, and daily participation in class.


    Late Assignment Policy

    Late work will be penalized by a 10% decrease in grade for each day late.


    Class Rules and Expectations

    1.      When you enter the classroom take a seat, do not loiter in the living room or other areas.

    2.      Be respectful of your classmates and teacher.  Raise your hand before speaking and listen quietly when others speak.

    3.      Use the restroom before entering the classroom.  Restroom privileges will only be allowed for emergencies.

    4.      Consult the handbook in accordance to absences, makeup work, and tardies.

    5.      You will not be allowed to go to your lockers or to make phone calls, take care of this before you come to class.

    6.      Be respectful of the classroom and kitchen areas as well.  All materials should be put away when finished.  Kitchens should be left clean with dishes put away, water let out of the sink, and the sink clean of food.  Chairs should be pushed under the table when you leave for safety reasons.  Sitting or putting your feet on the tables and heaters are not allowed.

    7.      Stay in your seat until the bell rings, and wait for the teacher to dismiss you.