• Logarithm Project




    What do carbon dating, decibels, the Richter scale, the pH scale, and stellar magnitudes have in common?  They all use logarithms in their computation.  The project you will be completing will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about one of these applications of logarithms and share your new knowledge with your classmates.  It is important because it will allow you to better understand logarithms and see how they are useful beyond the math classroom.





    The end product of your project will be a powerpoint describing what you've learned about your chosen application of logarithms.  It includes the following requirements:


      • Google Powerpoint with at least 10 slides.  One of these slides can be the citation page.  


      • Typed, in your own words.  Copy and pasting is NOT acceptable!


      • Description and history of the topic

           (e.g. "what is a decibel?" and "who invented the Richter scale and why?" and "when was it invented?")


      • Description of mathematics used in calculations - specifically logarithms (show some of the equations)
      • Description of at least one career in which this topic is used


      • At least one relevant graphic (include some pictures, graphs, etc!)


      • Proper citations must be used.  When using a picture, you may cite the URL.





    Step 1:    Choose a topic from the five provided:
    Richter Scale, Decibels, the pH Scale, Stellar Magnitude, and Carbon Dating.


    Step 2: Research your topic and take notes.


    Step 3: Create your powerpoint. Be sure to follow the guidelines found above (under TASK).


     Step 4:  Place your presentation in Ms. Sams' dropbox.  This can be done at any stage of completion and only has to be done once.  Do NOT email it!  

    Step 5: Present your powerpoint to your peers. This presentation provides you with an opportunity to share what you learned in your research and to learn about the other applications that your classmates researched.  

    Presentations will take place on 10/25/19.



    Final Project Date:  10/24/19