• Riverheads High School Girls Tennis Team

    Player/Parent/Coach Agreement 

    By participating on this team, you are making a commitment to your coach, your teammates, and most importantly, yourself. By reading and signing this Agreement, you are agreeing to abide by and follow the rules of the Riverheads High School Girls Tennis Team.

    Conduct – You are a representative of your school.


    • Spectators, opponents, coaches, teammates, and yourself will be treated with respect at all times.
    • Players will support and encourage their teammates at all times.
    • Any attitudes and/or problems with fellow teammates or a coach will be dealt with outside of practice time or left off the court.


    Attendance – Practices are an essential part of tennis and need to be attended.

    • Appointments, work, or other school related activities need to be planned outside of practice and match time. Some conflicts are unavoidable, but they need to be discussed with your coach as soon as possible and some sort of an arrangement will be made in advance.
    • At least a two-day notification, if not more, is necessary for the above events.
    • If you happen not to go to school because of sickness or leave school early because of sickness, you are not allowed to practice. A call/text still needs to be made to your coach to inform him of your absence. Don't rely on a teammate to give this information to a coach; this is the player’s responsibility.
    • Scheduled team practices are required. If you chronically miss practices, you will not play in some or all of the matches that week.
    • On time to practice means being fully dressed and ready for practice 5 minutes before the start of practice.


    • Challenge matches can and will be held, at the discretion of the coach.
    • While each match is a battle of singles or doubles, success is achieved from the entire team.
    • Line-ups will be made at the discretion of the coach.


    • You must wear uniform if on the ladder, otherwise Riverheads tennis gear is acceptable 
    • RHS tennis uniform consists of RHS Tennis top and a black skirt/short.
    • For home matches, you need to be on court and ready immediately after school so you can help set up the courts.
    • For away matches, you need to be at the bus pick-up area 5-10 minutes prior to the time the bus is scheduled to leave.
    • As this is a team sport, each player needs to stay until the end of all matches and pay attention to the ongoing matches and give your teammates encouragement.
    • Away matches and tournaments: Players are expected to stay for the entire match or tournament. Some exceptions will be made, (remember this is a team and your responsibility to the team is not done until all teammates are done playing), If there is a need to leave early, arrangements must be made beforehand.


    • Parents:  Have a ride waiting for your student at the school by the time the bus returns to the school from an away match.
    • If a player should need to leave early from an away match, a signed note from the parent/guardian is needed stating who the player has permission to ride home with.


    • School guidelines for grades and attendance will be followed. If you are ineligible, you will be unable to play that week. You are still required to attend and participate in all practices with the team unless otherwise stated by your parents and coaches must be notified.
    • Schoolwork is a priority and if you are falling behind in class you must get caught up to participate in matches/practice. All progress reports must be shown to the coach when they are given out and if you are missing assignments you will sit out of practice or match. An email or a note from the teacher saying you are caught may be required before you return to practice.


    • Spectators are welcomed and encouraged to attend as many matches as possible, however, they need to follow general tennis etiquette. It is the responsibility of the player to inform his or her family members and friends of proper conduct.
    • If the spectators conduct exceeds appropriate tennis etiquette that spectator will be asked to leave or the point penalty system will take effect for that player or team.


    • If at any point a player or parent has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Coach Siskin prior to or after practices, but not during. If you need to contact myself outside of practices and/or matches, I may be reached at.

    Coach Reuben Siskin siskin.rd@augusta.k12.va.us