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    I am a Social Studies teacher and Assistant Football
    Room - 200
    For the 2020 – 2021 school year, Spring Semester, my schedule is:
    1st: VA & U.S. History - Advanced; 2nd: NTA/Planning; 3rd: World History to 1500; 4th: Dual Enrollment Western Civilizations

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    Class Syllabi
    Fort Defiance High School Classroom Discipline Plan
    “Indian Pride”

    Fort school-wide procedures

    1. Treat yourself, others, and property with respect by your actions and language.
    2. Be on time and in your seat with required materials ready to learn by the tardy bell.
    3. Listen carefully the first time that rules or instructions are given.
    4. Teachers will teach and students will learn.
    5. Be silent when someone else is talking.
    6. No food, chewing gum or soda in the classroom unless allowed by the Teacher.

    This class procedures - If You Choose To Break A Rule:
    1st Time: Warning 
    2nd Time: Meeting with teacher and lunch detention 
    3rd Time: 2nd lunch detention and contacting parents, coaches and club/activity leaders
    4th Time: Referral to principal

    Severe Disruption: (fighting, use of profanity, destruction of school property, disrespect shown towards adults, honor code violation) 
    Student will automatically be sent to the office.

    1. Positive learning environment
    2. Enjoyable days in school
    3. More freedom for students as well as trust and respect from teacher
    4. More choices for assignments
    5. Extra credit opportunities

    Please feel free to e-mail me anytime if you have a question or need help with anything
    Fort Defiance High School Phone: (540) 245-5050