Earth Science Syllabus

                                                                                  Mr. Rob Maxwell

         Rm. 22


    The purpose of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the world they live on, as well as an understanding of the Earth’s place in space. Earth Science surrounds students everyday, and it is my goal to help make students aware of their surroundings. The four areas of focus are astronomy, meteorology, oceanography, and geology.  This course will not only stress each of these branches, but also the relationships between each of the areas. 



    Ø Unit 1  Studying the Earth                                       SOLs       ES 1, ES 2, ES 3    

                                    Intro to Earth Science                                              ES1, ES 2                               4days                      Chap 1

                                    Earth as a System                                                    ES1, ES 2                               2days                      Chap 2

                                    Models of the Earth                                                 ES1, ES  3                              3days                      Chap 3


    Ø Unit 2  Composition of the Earth                            SOLs       ES5, ES 6, ES 7, ES 8

    Earth Chemistry                                                      ES5                                        2days                      Chap 4

    Minerals                                                                  ES5                                        4days                      Chap 5

    Rocks                                                                      ES6                                        5days                      Chap 6

    Resources and Energy                                             ES7                                        2days                      Chap 7

    Geology of VA                                                       ES8                                        1day


    Ø Unit 3  History of the Earth                                     SOL        ES10                                     

    Rock Record                                                           ES10                                      3days                      Chap 8

    Geologic Time                                                         ES10                                      3days                      Chap 9




    Ø Unit 4  The Dynamic Earth                                     SOL        ES6, ES 8, ES 11

    Plate Tectonics                                                        ES8, ES 11                             4days                      Chap 10

    Deformation of the Crust                                        ES6, ES 8, ES 11                   2  days                     Chap11

    Earthquakes                                                             ES8, ES 11                             2days                      Chap 12

    Volcanoes                                                               ES8, ES 11                             3 days                      Chap 13

    Ø Unit 5  Reshaping the Crust                                    SOL        ES 8, ES 9, ES 11

    Weathering/Erosionand Soil                                   ES8, ES 9                               3days                      Chap 14

    RiverSystems                                                         ES9, ES 11                             3days                      Chap 15

    Groundwater                                                          ES9                                        2days                      Chap 16

    Glaciers                                                                   ES11                                      1day                       Chap 17

    Erosion by Wind and Waves                                   ES6, ES 9                               2days                      Chap 18

    Ø Unit 6  Oceans                                                        SOL        ES4, ES 11

    The Ocean Basins                                                   ES11                                      2days                      Chap 19

    Movements of Ocean Water                                    ES4, ES 11                             3days                      Chap 20, 21

    Ø Unit 7  Atmospheric Forces                                    SOL        ES11, ES 12, ES 13

    The Atmosphere                                                      ES12                                      2days                      Chap 22

    Water in the Atmosphere                                         ES11, ES 13                           2 days                      Chap 23

                                    Weather and Climate                                               ES13                                      3days                      Chap 24, 25



    Ø Unit 8  Space                                                           SOL        ES 4, ES 14

    Studying Space                                                       ES4                                        3days                      Chap 26

    Solar System                                                           ES4                                        4days                      Chap 27, 28

    The Sun                                                                   ES14                                      2days                      Chap 29

    Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe                            ES14                                      4days                      Chap 30


    Ø Earth Science as a Whole                                                                                                        3days

    Ø SOL Review                                                                           End of course SOL will be given during the last 2 weeks of the

    semester.  The test will be given on-line.



















     1.  An open mind   2.  3 ring binder  3.  12 pack of colored pencils  4.  Pen or pencil  5.  Textbook




    You will be graded on a TOTAL POINT SYSTEM. Every assignment will count a certain number of points.  Your grade will be the number of points correct out of the total number of points possible.


    Student grades will be based on the completion of the following assignments:


            Class work/Homework                 (points will vary form 10 to 50 points)

            Labs/Activities /Presentations       ( 30 – 100 points)

            Quizzes                                      (50 – 100points)

            Tests                                         (100 –200 points)

            Notebooks*                                (25 points percollection)

                                                            * Notebooks will be collected at the completion/Testing of each topic.

            Class participation                       ( 5 -10 points perday) 

                                                            Participation points will vary depending upon the activities of the day.

                                                                        Participation points are awarded for being in class on time and engaged

                                                                         Classroom activities.


          You will have a quiz every Wednesday and a quiz or a test every Friday.  Notebooks will be collected on the day of a test and should have all materials (bellwork,notes, classwork, homework, labs, quizzes and study guides) organized in the manner in which we completed them.   


         Late assignments will be accepted, however, students will be docked points for everyday the assignment is turned in late.  Late work due to absences willbe graded according to Augusta County Public School policies.


         Again, students will be graded on a total point system.  In one six week period, students will be assigned somewhere between 1,000 and 1,500 points.  The grade will be how many points are awarded out of the total possible points.                                                                             


         All students will sign the Buffalo GapHigh School Code of Academic Integrity. Cheating is copying or allowing another student to copy answers on ANY assignment(classwork, homework, labs, quizzes or tests) that is not deemed as partner or group work.  If a student is caught cheating or assists another student in cheating on any assignment, the student(s) will receive a zero on that assignment and will be reported to the honor code committee. 


    Grades will be assigned according to Augusta County Public Schools grading scale:


    A+=100-98A=97-92 A-=91-90 B+= 89-88  B=87-82  B-=81-80  C+=79-78  C=77-72  C-=71-70 

                                    D+= 69-68   D=67-62  D-=  61-60   F= 59 and below