• Mr. Maxwell’s Classroom Expectations Contract

                For any classroom to run smoothly, there have to be procedures for everyone to follow.  We will practice these procedures until everyone understands and follows them.  Thank you for doing your part to make our classroom a great learning environment.

    Classroom Rules:

    1.      Listen the first time rules or instructions are given.

    2.     Be seated and working when the tardy bell rings.*   Stay seated unless you have permission to leave your seat.

    3.     No touching anyone else or his/her property.

    4.     Be quiet when someone else is talking.

    5.     Treat everyone inthe class with RESPECT by actions and language**.

    6.     All Augusta County Public School policies are also in effect.

    If you choose to break a rule*:

                1st Time:          Verbal warning.  This is your warning.

                2nd Time:          5 minutes of detention with me before school or during lunch.  Call home.

    3rd Time:          10 minutes of detention with me before school or during lunch.  2nd call home/written letter home to be signed.

    4th Time:          Automatic discipline referral to office.

    *BGHS tardy policy applies here.

    **Disrespect and extreme misbehavior will lead to immediate office referral.


    Praise(daily)               Positive notes sent home (randomly)             Friday walkabouts (whole class)

    Homework pass                                                          Food days

    Student: I have read this classroom discipline plan and understand it.  I will honor it while in the classroom.

    Signature:  ________________________________________         Date: _______________


    Parent(s)/Guardian:  My child has discussed this discipline plan with me.  I understand it and will  support it.

    Signature:  _________________________________________       Date: _________________

    Teacher: I will be fair in administering the discipline plan for the classroom.

    Signature:  _________________________________________       Date: _________________