• Voluntary Benefit Offerings

    Carrier: Allstate
    Allstate Customer Service Phone: 800-521-3535 or 434-296-9500
    Additional enrollment services provided by BOST Benefits:
    Michelle Lawson
    Phone: 434-296-9500
    Email: mlawson@BOSTbenefits.com
    To view your benefits, visit the Allstate Benefits website or call 1-800-521-3535

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    Voluntary benefits are offered to employees working 30 or more hours per week.

    The following supplemental insurance plans are available:

    Accident Insurance


    ·           24 hours a day coverage – on and off the job – can cover entire family!

    ·           Pays actual medical expenses, lowest cost  - up to $500

    ·           Returns $100 to $200 a year for any physician’s visits!!!

    ·           School sports and most activities covered. Pays for lump sum injuries as well.

    ·           Can supplement health insurance deductibles and co-pays.


    Critical Illness Insurance/Cancer Included

    • Heart attack, stroke, bypass surgery, major organ transplant, end stage renal, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, coma, blindness, paralysis, cancer
    • Low Plan – $10,000 (includes cancer), 2nd event coverage and $100 wellness!
    • High Plan – $20,000 (includes cancer), 2nd event coverage, and $100 wellness!
    • No Health Questions this year for employee or spouse, children are covered at no cost
    NOTE: Benefit information with rates and brochures are located at the website listed above.
    Policy/Certificate Holder Support Information
    Customer Care Center Phone Number 800-521-3535
    Customer Care Center Fax Number 866-427-3677
    Customer Care Email Email Customer Care
    Claim Support Phone Number 800-348-4489
    Hours of Operation 8AM to 8PM EST, Monday-Friday
    Website Visit the Allstate MyBenefits Website



    Important:  Dates of service must be within 12 months to file On-Line, otherwise use Paper Filing Option

    STEP 1:  Click here to be directed to Allstate's site to start the Outpatient Physician Treatment claims process

    STEP 2:  Create your User ID and Password
    STEP 3:  Choose the link "Claims Center" in the middle of the page
    STEP 4:  Choose the link "File a Claim" at the right

    STEP 5:  Choose "Express Outpatient Physician Treatment" at the bottom
    STEP 6:  Follow steps to file the claim (direct deposit is optional)            



    STEP 1: Download the Allstate Outpatient Physician Treatment Claim Form by clicking here 

    STEP 2: Fully complete policy holder/patient information and doctor’s information.

    STEP 3: Include one of the following supporting documentation:

    • Doctor’s bill showing "Office Visit"
    • Dental bill showing "Oral Evaluation or Oral Exam"
    • Vision bill showing "Eye Exam"
    • Treatment has to be outside of a Hospital to qualify

    STEP 4: (OPTIONAL) Click here to print the Allstate Direct Deposit Form

    • For your privacy, please fax your completed form directly to Allstate at the fax number on the form

    STEP 5:  Send your claim form and supporting documentation to Email: Claims@BOSTbenefits.com, Fax:  1.724.923.4712 or Mail: 315 Green Ridge Road, Suite H-1, New Castle, PA  16105.  If you have any questions regarding this claim process please contact our Claims Department at:  

                    Claims@BOSTbenefits.com or 1.724.657.3443 (Option 1)



    Under the Critical Illness plan, each covered family member can file for the Critical Illness wellness benefit, this is one covered test per covered person per calendar year, to collect this benefit please follow the instructions below:


    STEP 1:  Download the Allstate Wellness Claim Form by clicking here
    STEP 2:  Fully complete policy holder/patient information and doctor’s information.

    STEP 3:  Include the following supporting documentation:

    • Documentation showing type of procedure

    STEP 4(OPTIONAL) Click here to be directed to Allstate's site to set up Direct Deposit

    • STEP A: Create your User ID and Password 
    • STEP B: Choose "Account Settings" at the top of the page
    • STEP C: Choose "Update Claim Payment Method"
    • STEP D: Choose "Direct Deposit”
    • STEP E: Enter Routing Number and Account Number  

    STEP 5:  Send your claim form and supporting documentation to Email: Claims@BOSTbenefits.com, Fax:1.724.923.4712 or Mail: 315 Green Ridge Road, Suite H-1, New Castle, PA  16105.  If you have any questions regarding this claim process please contact our Claims Department at:

    Claims@BOSTbenefits.com or 1.724.657.3443 (Option 1)
    While you had coverage, did you have an accident?

    STEP 1:  Download the Allstate Accident Claim Form by clicking here

    STEP 2:  Fully complete policy holder/patient section of claim form including details of the accident and signature

    STEP 3:  Include the following supporting documentation when applicable: 

    • ER Report or Doctor’s Notes (to replace physician’s statement of all claim forms)
    • Itemized Hospital Bill with Diagnosis Codes (for confinements in the hospital and all Allstate Accident claims)
    • Operative Report (for operations)
    • Physical Therapy Progress Reports
    • Radiology Report (for x-rays)
    • Police Accident Report (for automobile accidents)
    • Ambulance Bill (for transportation by ambulance)
Last Modified on June 25, 2019