• Child Development Certificate

    Department of Labor

    Career Enhancement Program

    Augusta County Schools


    The Preschool program is required to have preschool staff that is highly qualified. We meet this expectation through the Child Development Certificate offered by the Department of Labor. This certificate also allows those employees an opportunity to be part of the apprenticeship program.

    All Preschool Teaching Assistants who do not have a Bachelors or Associates degree in a related field of early childhood will need to complete the coursework identified.

    Employees with no prior formal experience working in early childhood who choose to sign up for the apprenticeship will need to work forone semester in a classroom before signing up for the coursework. This will allow the person to make sure preschool is where they feel most successful. A commitment form will need to be completed by the employee. 

    Identified coursework will be on-line and paid by the appropriate preschool program. (Smart Horizons is the company providing the     on-line coursework). The completion of this course will need to take place within 365 days of signing up and is the employee’s responsibility.

    Level 2 and Level 3 course work will not be paid by the program but the candidate is welcome to follow the Procedure for Tuition Reimbursement.  This reimbursement is based on the Tuition Assistance Policy-5.530. The candidate should download and complete forms and send request to  the Preschool Supervisor.

    The Work Process hours are tracked by the Department of Labor. (Todd Cook) There is an explanation of these hours available to candidates.

    It is the employee’s responsibility to send all paperwork to the Preschool Supervisor.

    Any changes in the coursework have to be approved ahead of time.
Last Modified on March 10, 2016