• Selection Process for the National Junior Honor Society

          Becoming a member of The National Junior Honor Society involves a multi-step process. Membership in NJHS is a privilege it is not a club of honor roll students.
    During the first marking period of each academic year, a list will be complied of students who have completed grade 6 and first marking period 7 grade students who are academically eligible for membership in NJHS. To be academically eligible, students must have and maintain ALL A's in ALL classes (PE, Reading and Exploratories included). Academic standing is only one criterion for membership. Eligible students must also display outstanding performance in service, leadership, character, and citizenship.
    1. Eligible students will be given a candidate form by the advisor.
    2. Completed student's candidate forms will be evaluated by the middle school Faculty Council examined for the four additional cornerstones of membership: service, leadership, character, and citizenship. These cornerstones are equally important and must be proven equally through the information provided by the student. The NJHS Faculty Council consists of a NJHS advisor, the Principal, guidance counselor, and faculty members. The NJHS Faculty Council will vote on the selection of NJHS candidates, with a majority rule.
    3. Students will be notified of selection and non-selection before the end of the academic school year. The induction ceremony is held in September.
    4. National Junior Honor Society members will be expected to maintain a high standard of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship, as well as, involve themselves in the chapter’s activities.