• Discipline Plan for Mrs. Shreckhise’s Classroom

    Room B-7  Class Rules


    1.    Treat yourself, others, and property with respect by your actions and language.

    2.    Be on time and in your seat doing bell work before the tardy bell.

    3.    Bring all needed materials to class each day (notebook, pencil/pen, homework).

    4.    Listen carefully the first time that rules or instructions are given.

    5.    Be silent when someone else is talking.

    6. NO electronic devices "out" in the classroom (cell phone, iPods, iPads, headphones, ear buds, MP3 players, etc). These devices are to be stored in the hanging pocket chart organizer in the front of the classroom. 


    If you choose to break a rule:

    1st time: Verbal warning/Alternative seating in classroom

    2nd time: Morning detention at 8:00am in room B7

    3rd time: Morning detention at 8:00am in room B7 and contact parent/guardian

    4th time: Referral to office for discipline                                                                                


    Severe Disruption:                                                                   

    Fighting, use of profanity, honor code violation, disrespect shown towards teacher and other adults, insubordination


    Student will automatically be removed from the classroom and sent to the office.              


    Rewards: (In no particular order)                                                                 

    Verbal Praise, Notes and phone calls home, Candy, Music during bell ringer/lab work