• Art Studio Expectations

    The Big Ones
    1. Respect yourself, your classmates, and your teacher.

    1. Be seated and working when the tardy bell rings.
    2. When the teacher is talking, pay attention.
    3. Be sure your priority is your artwork, (not your social life).
    4. Use materials safely.
    5. Continue to work until the teacher says “clean up”.
    6. Leave things cleaner than you found them.


    Daily Procedures

    1. Everyone should be working on Bell Work before the tardy bell rings.
    2. Look on the SCREEN for what to do each day.  Begin work immediately.
    3. When you are ready to TURN THINGS IN, they go on artsonia, then with the rubric on the “TO BE GRADED” cart.
    4. When VISITORS are in the room, be on your best behavior.
    5. If you FINISH WORK EARLY:
      1. Complete any make-up work
      2. Begin another assignment
      3. Read
      4. Complete Service Hours for NAHS
    1. If you need to use the BATHROOM, ask.  You must sign out, and sign back in when you return.
    2. If there is a FIRE DRILL, we leave quietly out the A-Wing doors and line up quietly by the fence.
    3. You must CLEAN UP by putting everything back in its “home”, and cleaning your table with cleaner and a paper towel.
    4. You are DISMISSED when the teacher dismisses you, not the bell.  Please stay at your seats until the bell rings.

    The Details

    1. Do your own work.  You are encouraged to give verbal advice or “constructive criticism” to one another as you work.  Never EVER touch another student’s artwork. “Helping” in this way is considered cheating.
    2. Stay out of the storage room/cabinets unless you have the teacher’s permission.
    3. Cell phones and other electronic devices should be put away and not in use (unless you have been asked to use them by your teacher).  Cell phones go in the cubby provided and random grades may be taken to be sure directions are followed.  If you are allowed to listen to music, headphones must be out of your ears when the teacher is talking.  Videos are never allowed.
    4. Please help conserve art materials and equipment.  These materials are expensive and are in limited supply for the use of about 100 art students a day.
    5. Equipment not required for your current assignment is off limits.

    Grading Policy

    How much do things count toward my final grade?


    Art Classes

    Projects: 50%

    Minor Assignments: 40% (includes but not limited to Visual Journals, Sketchbooks, Bell Work, Tests, & Quizzes)

    Participation: 10%


    Ceramics Classes

    Projects: 50%

    Minor Assignments: 40% (includes but not limited to Cleaning Jobs, Bell Work, Tests, & Quizzes)

    Participation: 10%

    *If a student does not complete one major project in any class (or is missing more than four Visual Journals in Art 2 or more than four Journals & Sketchbooks in Art 3), they will receive an incomplete for the semester. 


    Art Careers

    Fine Art




    Printmaker/Screen Printer

    Courtroom Artist



    Art Curriculum Writer

    Art Historian

    Art Critic

    Graphic Novel Author


    Graphic Design

    Advertising Director

    Logo/Branding Designer

    Advertisement Designer

    Magazine Layout Designer

    Book/eBook Designer

    Packaging Designer



    3D Product Design

    Industrial Designer

    Prop Designer

    Ceramic Artist/Potter

    Wood Turner/Carver

    Jewelry Designer

    Glass Artist

    Applied Art/Services

    Tattoo Artist

    Special Effects Makeup

    Art Conservationist

    Art Restorer


    Organization/People Management

    Primary/Elementary Art Teacher

    Middle/High School Art Teacher

    University Professor

    Art Therapist

    Art Dealer

    Artist Agent

    Art Supplies Retailer



    Fiber Artist

    Accessory Designer

    Fashion Consultant

    Fashion Designer

    Costume Designer

    Textile Designer

    Spatial Design


    Landscape Architect

    Urban Designer/Town Planner

    Interior Designer

    Set/Stage Design




    Concept Artist

    Digital Illustrator

    Digital 3D Modeller

    Web Designer

    App Designer

    Documentary Filmmaker

    Film Editor

    Special Effects Designer

    Video Game Designer



    Advertising Photographer

    Fashion Photographer


    Food Photographer

    Portrait Photographer

    Wedding Photographer



    Display and Exhibition Planner

    Gallery Owner/Assistant

    Museum Curator

    Picture Framer