• Classroom Procedures


    All students will be expected to follow all school rules and adhere to the signed discipline plan.


    Folder System:  There are two sets of folders in the back of the room, one for World Geography and one for Sociology.  All handouts for the date will be placed into the corresponding folder for the appropriate date for the appropriate subject. 


    Make-up Work:  All students are expected to be responsible for all of his or her own make up work – from the folder system.  Excused absences have three days from their return date to make-up all work without penalty.  After three days I will take off points (depending on the assignment) for each day the work is late.  (If the amount of work is too burdensome I will allow for special circumstances on a case-by-case basis.)  Students who receive an unexcused absence from school are permitted to make up assignments for the first three unexcused absences.  Once the student has had the opportunity to make up assignments for those 3 days, students who receive additional unexcused absences will not be permitted to make up assignments for credit.  Send home make-up work will not be sent home for more than 3 consecutive absences.


    Late Work:  I will accept late work but I will take off points for each day an assignment is late.  The amount of points I take off will depend on the assignment and the circumstances as to why the assignment is late.


    Turning in Make-up or Late Work:  On the side of my desk there is a folder for your block.  Put your name on the assignment, indicate that you were absent (or indicate the work is late), and if it is a text book assignment then write the assignment at the top of the page.  If all of these steps are taken, then the work will be graded and points will adjust accordingly.


    Out Crates: Most of your daily assignments and/or homework will be turned into the corresponding crate for your block.  These papers will be recycled periodically so if you wish to keep these assignments after they are graded then please collect before class has begun.


    Seating Chart:  All students will sit in assigned seats. 


    Food and Drink: NO food or drink.  Bottled Water Only.


    Music and Electronic Devices:  There will be NO head phones allowed in class unless I authorize the time to do so.  I may at some point allow times for this if we are working on something individually but that will be determined by me on a class-by-class basis.  There will be no cameras, video games, or other electronic devices.




    Restrooms:  GO TO THE BATHROOM BEFORE CLASS!!!  For the beginning part of the semester I will not regulate the restroom or water fountain privileges.  However, if this becomes a problem I will follow my usual rule of giving six “restroom-passes” for a six-week grading period.  All students must receive permission to leave the classroom and will sign out accordingly.


    Chromebooks: When we use chromebooks it is the student’s responsibility to log off the computer when finished, return the computer to the appropriate number slot in the cart, and to only use computers that have been assigned to you.


    Infinite Campus: Grades will be available on infinite campus at the beginning of every week. Assignments which take longer to grade may not become available until following weeks. If a student is absent for an assignment that has been posted, that assignment will be considered a “zero” until the assignment is made up.


    MY PET PEEVES:  All teachers have them here are mine:


    ·       DO NOT PACK UP YOUR MATERIALS UNTIL I DISMISS YOU!!! Often we will use the entire 90 minutes and I will dismiss you when I am ready.


    ·       Stay busy.  If you finish early with an assignment find something to do. DO NOT TALK.  Do not look like you have nothing to do.  Or I will just give you another assignment, a much harder assignment!


    ·       Put your name on your work (check NO NAME folder).  And when doing a text book assignment, write the assignment at the top of the page.


    ·       Do not sleep.  If you are sick you can go to the nurse but you cannot sleep in my room!  Go to bed early.


    ·       KEEP THE ROOM CLEAN!  The desks should be open facing the front.  Do not store trash in the desks.  Do not throw paper or leave trash around your desk.    Do not leave food in the desk (and you won’t because you are not even supposed to have food).  Please Please Please do your best to help keep the room clean!!!


    • When doing work on the internet you may only go to the approved and appropriate sites.