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    Dr. Sarah Melton & Carol Cash, RN, MSN - Homebound Coordinators


    In Augusta County Schools, homebound instruction shall be made available to students who are confined for periods of time that would prevent normal education progress.  Homebound instruction shall be approved for credit, provided the Board of Education regulations governing such instruction are met. 


    The Board of Education through the regulations establishing Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia requires that Homebound instruction shall be made available to students who are confined at home or in a health care facility for periods that would prevent normal school attendance based upon certification of need by a licensed physician or licensed clinical psychologist.


    For students eligible for special education or related services, the Individualized Education Program committee must revise the IEP, as appropriate 8VAC 20-131-180 off-site instruction.


    Credit for the work shall be awarded when it is done under the supervision of a licensed teacher, a person eligible to hold a Virginia license, or other appropriately licensed professional employed by the local school board, and meets the requirements of 8 VAC 20-131-100.


    Failure to be available for instruction could result in a referral to the truancy officer 



    Students Unable to Attend School – Temporary



       A.   One copy of Form 3-A requesting homebound instruction for a school-aged child (5-20) or child with a disability (2-22) who is temporarily unable
              to attend the school in which she/he is enrolled shall be signed by a licensed physician, psychiatrist, or clinical psychologist and submitted to the
              Coordinator of Homebound.
       B.   Upon determination that the child is temporarily unable to attend school and requires homebound instruction, arrangements to provide this program will be made and instruction initiated.
       C.   Homebound services are reviewed every nine (9) weeks to determine the continuation of services.
       D.   Students who are homebound for more than nine (9) weeks will have a transition plan developed in collaboration with the requesting clinical psychologist/physician to assist the students to return to school.


    Regulations for Homebound Teachers


    Homebound teachers have the following responsibilities in fulfilling their duties to the school and the homebound program:

       A.   Homebound teachers must be certified in the State of Virginia, or qualified to be certified, and the certificate must be on file with the
              Homebound Coordinator.
       B.   Meeting with the designated teacher, or case manager, to plan the student's instructional program during the homebound period.
       C.   Inform the above person weekly (by visit or telephone) that the child was served that week and coordinate any instructional needs.
       D.   Keep accurate records of instructional time.  Hourly rate applies to actual time spent with the child, not time driving to and from home.
              Turn in monthly timesheet no later than four (4) days after the end of the month.
       E.    A written report of work completed and the progress of the student shall be submitted to the school monthly.  Submit teacher monthly
               progress report to the school (form provided).
       F.    A final report and evaluation shall be submitted to the school when the child completes homebound and returns to school.


    Regulations for Homebound Students:


       A.     Attend sessions as scheduled by Homebound teacher

       B.    Complete assignments given