Infant & Toddler Connection of Augusta-Highland
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    Local System Manager:  Amy Taylor
    Email Amy or 540-245-5133
    The Infant & Toddler Connection of Augusta-Highland provides free screenings and developmental evaluations to children, ages birth to three, who show early signs of a delay in development or who have a diagnosed disability.
    Who is eligible?
    A child ages birth to 3 who:
    • ...demonstrates a 25% delay in one or more developmental area (cognitive, gross motor, communication, etc)
    • ...has a diagnosed disabling condition which puts the child at risk for developmental delays
    • ...shows atypical development in sensory-motor responses or social-emotional development
    What are the costs to families?
    Screenings and evaluations are provided to families free of charge.  While there are fees for some early intervention services, we can assist families in finding resources to help pay for these services.  Insurance, state, and community resources can be used to help pay for services.  It is important to remember that no family will be denied services due to an inability to pay.

    The Early Intervention Process

    Step 1: Referral
    Anyone can refer a child to the program, including parents, family members, doctors, caregivers, etc.  To make a referral for a child you have concerns about contact our office by calling 540-245-5133 and have ready the child's name, parents' name, their address, and phone number. A service coordinator will then contact the family.

    Step 2: Intake and Screening
    A temporary service coordinator will contact the child's family to setup a time to meet.  During this meeting you will discuss the early intervention process and your child will be screened.  If there is an area of concern or your child has already been diagnosed with a qualifying condition, the service coordinator will set up an evaluation. 

    Step 3: Evaluation
    Professionals from at least two disciplines (i.e., special educator, speech therapist, physical therapist, etc) will meet with you and your child.  They will conduct a full evaluation of your child's development.  They will discuss the results with you and then you will be able to decide if your family would like to receive services.

    Step 4: Individualized Family Service Plan
    If you decide to receive services from Infant and Toddler, a team including you, a service coordinator, and others (service providers, other family members you would like to include, etc.) will meet to write goals for your child and your family in a document called the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).  Once this document is written, services will begin shortly thereafter. 


    Each family will have a service coordinator who will organize the other service providers, make sure your family is getting what you need to support your child's development, and can help you find other resources for your family.  Based on your child's needs you may also receive services from one or more specialists, such an an infant educator, a speech therapist, a physical therapist, or others as needed. 

    Our services are provided based on a coaching model.  Using this model, service providers meet with you and your child periodically (the frequency is determined during the IFSP meeting) to teach you new activities and techniques you can use during your daily routine with your child to support their development in a particular area or skill.  This means that your child is not just working on their development when you meet with the therapist, but everyday during typical interactions with you. 

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