I PICK good fit books.

  • Not too Easy! Not too hard!  

    Just right!


    Choose a book that is a "good fit," or just right for your reading level.  If a book is too hard, you will not comprehend what you are reading and you will be frustrated.  Choose a book that will exercise your brain to make you a better reader.

    I PICK

    P:  What is my purpose for reading this book?  Why do I want to read this book?  To enjoy a story; to learn about something; to do a book project; to get writing ideas.

    I:  Does it interest me?  Do I like it?

    C:  Can I comprehend what I am reading?  Do I understand it?  Can I retell what just happened?

    K:  Do I know most of the words?  Remember the 5-Finger Rule.