• FDHS NHS Service Project Requirements

    Members must complete twenty-five (25) hours in each year with NHS. Ten (10) of these hours must be directly connected to Fort Defiance High School. Fifty (50) hours total for members inducted in their Junior year. National Honor Society considers a service project to be a selfless act that will have a positive impact on the community. If it is truly a service project, the NHS member doing the project should not hope or expect to gain anything in return other than acknowledging the fact that he or she has helped another individual or group.  "Double-dipping" is not allowed. "Double-dipping" is defined as participation in another service organization and using that project, or those hours, to count towards the NHS service project. All of the required service hours may not be earned from one source (for example,you may not complete all of your required service project hours only through Meals-on-Wheels).


    Participation in required or expected responsibilities for academic classes or other extracurricular organizations will not count as “service.” For example these DO NOT count as service:


    • Participating in SCA competitions- hall decorating and wall painting where there is a financial reward for winning classes.

    • Playing on a team or managing a team of your friends

    • Performing in orchestra, band choir, plays, dance programs

    • Attending church

      Religious institutions provide many opportunities for community service. However, service hours may not be earned for activities which are primarily religious in nature (worship, instruction or other activities the purpose of which is to promote religious belief). For example, service hours earned as part of a food drive, or for helping non-church members in need are permitted. Service hours teaching Bible School, singing in the choir, serving as an acolyte, ushering, playing in a praise band, or working at a faith-based summer camp will not be recognized for NHS service.

      Below are examples of acceptable service projects. This list is by no means all inclusive but should provide students with a good idea of what is or isn’t acceptable for NHS service hour requirements.

      Project Ideas

      The NHS website, maintains an active list of project ideas submitted regularly by members. Visit www.nhs.us/ideas.  Listed below are some of the service projects.


    • Help in a soup kitchen

    • Read/write poetry or stories for elderly or sick

    • Sing at hospitals or retirement homes

    • Collect coats/clothes/shoes/socks/blankets for homeless

    • Sponsor a book drive for young children in need

    • Make get-well cards for the sick

    • Collect-waste and donate items for a cause

    • Spend time with people in retirement homes

    • Coach or tutor students

    • Help children improve reading skills

    • Clean up efforts in local parks or beaches

    • Volunteer at a hospital

    • Volunteer at a local elementary or middle school

    • Volunteer at a library

    • Volunteer at a local retirement home

    • Place flags on Veterans’ graves on national holidays

    • Mentor a youth group for local community

    • Volunteer at local event supporting community service

    • Give computer lessons to the elderly or children

    • Provide free childcare for families in need

    • Adopt a family in need for Thanksgiving

    • Thanksgiving food drive for the needy

    • Collect and send supplies to troops overseas

    • Adopt a child for school supplies

    • Organize a park clean-up or paint over graffiti

    • Read/write inspirational stories to sick or elderly

    • Host appreciation event for local police or firefighters