• The mission of CTE is to provide educational strategies that engage students in meaningful learning that connects to their personal interests, helps develop their understanding of the global economy, and deepens their understanding of how academic skills and knowledge are applied in their further education and careers:

    - transition smoothly from middle to high school to postsecondary learning through the use of academic and career plans and career clusters/pathways

    - enroll in CTE programs that reflect the needs and practices of the business community through strong partnerships between education and employment sectors

    - experience significant and relevant learning that connects rigorous academic content to the real-world application of such knowledge and skills

    - increase their motivation and desire to achieve by engaging with career-themed programs and career development

    - prepare for success in the global economy of the 21st century through sustained high school improvement using career-themed programs

    - be college and career ready with career-credentialing systems fully implemented

    - and encounter excellence in teaching and leadership


    The vision is to make CTE an integral middle and high school enrichment strategy that will engage students in rigorous and relevant learning and help students develop personal goals and skills needed for college and career readiness in the 21st century.