• Latina IV/V Resources

    Use the resources on this page to save yourself time and lessen frustration when attempting to read unadapted Latin by Roman authors, which can be very difficult.

    Dictionaries and Grammatical Tools:

    William Whitaker's Words - a fantastic online dictionary that also includes grammatical parsing.
    Whitaker's Words executable download - get Words without having to use the web interface

    Translation Help:

    Vergil's Aeneid on NoDictionaries.com - this will take you straight to the text.  NoDictionaries.com is a site where you can control the amount of vocabulary help, from zero to every word in a line.  You can also create vocabulary lists for yourself if you create an account (free).
    The Vergil Project at UPenn - every word is clickable for meaning and grammatical parsing


    The Aeneid on Andrew Wilson's Classics Pages - a good page for summaries of each book, with full translations of books 1, 2, 4, and 6.  Also included are lots of helpful notes about names and events referenced in the text.
    A.S. Kline's Aeneid translation - a good, readable translation of all books of the Aeneid.

    Poetic Devices:

    Silva Rhetoricae - a great resource for all the poetic and rhetorical devices you can think of and then some!
Last Modified on January 28, 2015