• Four Year College/Unviversity

    The desire to attend a four-year college or university is fairly common among high school students today. While this option is often talked about the most among students and their parents, families should always consider their options before choosing any route. For many students, attending a four-year college or university can lead to a fruitful and productive life beyond Fort Defiance.

    A college education represents a significant investment in a student's life and as such students should always think about this option carefully. Students interested in going to college after high school should follow these four simple, but important, guidelines:

    Do your best in school.

    Preparing for college begins in earnest for students beginning with the ninth grade year. From day one of high school, students intending to go to college should choose challenging courses and earn good grades. When considering your application, a college wants to know if you will be successful on their campus. Your high school grades give them a good indicator of your future performance. Waiting until senior year to earn good grades can leave a student with very limited college options.  

    Take the most rigorous college preparatory courses that you can.

    Simply put, students who are challenged in high school will be more successful in college than those who meet the minimum requirements of coursework. A student can earn all A's in non-challenging courses but are they truly prepared for college-level work?  

    Participate in extracurricular activities to develop your talents and interests.

    Academic success is the most important predictor for college admission. Colleges and universities want to have faith in a student's ability to be successful on their campus. However, colleges and universities also want to know what qualities and characteristics, beyond the classroom, students will bring with them to college. Being involved in extracurricular activities builds character and confidence. Extracurricular activity also tells a college that a student wants to be part of a larger community.  

    Start learning as much as you can about college and how to finance your education.

    If you are reading this sentence now, you are already on your way to learning more about college. It is never too early to start planning for college. Do not hesitate to ask your school counselor for help. While the college application process can be daunting and even confusing at times, we are here to help students along the way.