• New Student Registration

    Our mission at Fort Defiance High School is to prepare our students to be lifelong learners and contributing citizens. Whether your student is beginning or continuing their high school career, we welcome you to our school!
    Each school in Augusta County has unique characteristics, but we all share the same educational goals. Each student is expected to acquire the knowledge, skills, and competencies that will enable him/her to function effectively in a career, as a family member, and as a citizen. Likewise, the intent of each school is to provide a safe and orderly teaching and learning environment where students can achieve their educational goals and realize their intellectual, physical, emotional, and social potential.  
    If you reside in our district and would like to enroll your student, we encourage you to call and make an appointment in advance. Students transferring to Fort Defiance High School from a non-Augusta County school will need to complete the new family registration link below.  
    Below you will find online registration links. If you are a new family enrolling into Augusta County Public Schools for the first time, please click the link on the left. All other families should click on the link on the right.
    Online Registration Link for New Families Online Registration Link for Existing Families

    Families who already exist in Infinite Campus need to complete Online Registration via Parent Portal. The Online Registration link is available annually June through early August. Click the Existing Families link to go to the Student/Parent Portal page.

    To facilitate the registration process, a natural parent or legal guardian will need to be prepared to provide the following documents:

    • Birth Certificate (§22.1-3.1 of the Code of Virginia);
    • Immunization Records (§22.1-271.2 of the Code of Virginia);
    • Admission Statement (§22.1-3.2 of the Code of Virginia);
    • Proof of Residency in the Fort Defiance High School district;
    • Documentation of a Current Custody Order and/or Legal Guardianship (if necessary);
    • Certified Transcript from Previous School;
    • Current Schedule & Transfer Grades (if enrolling during the school year).

    Students transferring from another state or division may also need to provide appropriate medical/health documentation.

    A homeless student or a student placed in foster care by a social service agency has a thirty (30) day grace period to produce and/or confirm required documents. As a school and a division, we will collaboratively work with students in these situations in order to best meet their needs upon their enrollment.