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    Dear Student and Parents,


    In 7th grade Life Science and high school Biology classes the dissection of animals may be used to achieve instructional goals relating to anatomy and physiology. Dissection involves incising, inspecting, and handling of properly preserved animals or animal parts. All teachers follow safety regulations when teaching and monitoring dissection. 

    If your child objects to participating in an animal dissection, alternative methods will be available to achieve the same instructional goals. These alternatives may include computer simulations, plastic models, or videos that present similar knowledge and will require a comparable amount of time and effort.  Alternatives to animal dissection do not include students involuntarily taking a lower grade or dropping the class.


    A student’s objection to participating in an animal dissection will be substantiated by a signed note from his or her parent or legal guardian and given to the teacher.


    Please contact me if I may answer any questions regarding the state guidelines for alternatives to dissection.





    Angela Deitz

    Instructional Supervisor: STEM (6-12)

    Code of Virginia § 22.1-200.01

    § 22.1-200.01 Alternatives to animal dissection.

    Local school divisions shall provide students with alternatives to animal dissection techniques within the relevant public school curriculum or course.
    The Board of Education shall establish guidelines to be implemented by local school divisions regarding such alternative dissection techniques.
    Such guidelines shall address, but shall not be limited to, (i) the use of detailed models of animal anatomy and computer simulations as alternatives
    to dissection; (ii) notification of students and parents of the option to decline to participate in animal dissection; and (iii) such other issues as the Board 
    deams appropriate.