• Art II


    1st/3rd Quarter

    During this semester, we will build on the foundations built in Art I. We’ll start out by refreshing our knowledge of the Elements of Art, then continue on to build our Art skills and knowledge. Art History will also be an important aspect of this class.

    Minor Grades 

    Each week, you will spend time at home analyzing a different work of art. These will be either historically significant or contemporary works. On your first in-person day each week, we’ll spend a brief time discussing the past week’s artwork together. 

    Visual Journals will be completed at home each Monday. They will be due every third week virtually (by midnight on the third Monday), and you will show it to us briefly in person (if you are a blended learning student) the next time you’re physically in class. Communication is key. Late work will lose points, but if you have extenuating circumstances and communicate with your teacher ahead of time (NOT waiting until the day it’s due), we can work with you. Due dates for this quarter are September 14th & October 5th.



    • Metamorphosis Series 


      1. Emphasis
      2. Problem-Solving
      3. M.C. Escher


    • Value & Form : Expressive portraits using words


      1. Kathe Kollwitz 


    • Two-Point Perspective Architectural Rendering


      1. Ink & watercolor


    • The Colors I Hear 


      1. Study Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte
      2. Based on a song
      3. In Surrealistic style
      4. Acrylic paint
      5. Review composition

    Journal Prompts*:


    • *Botanical illustration (an illustration of a plant showing the detail of it - the shape of the leaves, the seed system, the roots, etc.)


    1. Figure drawing (make sure you include the entire body; show accurate proportions) 
    2. Create a personal timeline of your life
    3. I’m always getting lost...
    4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    5. How you see yourself versus how you think others see you
    6. Create a study of an object. Show three different views of it.
    7. Find a quote from a famous person, and react to it. Make sure you include the quote! :)
    8. Which song do you have on repeat right now? Create a spread that describes that song - imagery in the song, the mood of the song, etc.
    9. Mandala Journal - start with a circle and just let your creativity flow! What does it mean for you to make meditative artwork? 
    10. I could spend hours...
    11. What do you love most about where you live? 
    12. React to the idea of change/transformation
    13. Chairs
    14. You have discovered life on Mars… 
    15. Free choice


    *Bolded prompt is required. 


    Each journal entry will be graded using the rubric provided when you turn it in. You will have 3 Mondays to work on your journal, as well as any additional time you spend at home, for each entry. 


    Visual Journal Rubric                 Student Name  _________________________

          Art II                                            Entry # _____ Prompt  __________________

    Possible Points

    Points Earned





    Included at least 50% observational drawing (including realistic value)




    Originality- idea clearly communicated, avoiding clichés




    Unified, visually interesting composition with clear focal point




    Has well-developed background and incorporates at least one sentence worth of writing




    Good craftsmanship/ technique




    Complete to the best of student’s ability, showing good effort