• English 9A Syllabus

    Mrs. Cortes

    Room 204 

    English 9A is the first course for students who will be taking advanced English classes throughout high school. The pacing in this class is fast and demanding; independent reading is a major requirement. This is a reading and writing intensive class and strategies and practice of both will occur during class every day. Throughout the semester, the mastery of the literary genres, which include both American and English authors, will be taught.

    The textbooks used in this class include the Prentice Hall Literature: Language and Literacy textbook and assigned class novels. The supplies recommended for my class are the following:  highlighters, index cards, pens/pencils, a college-ruled spiral notebook, notebook paper, and a three-ring binder with dividers; the three-ring binder may be used for other subjects, but should contain a divider section specifically for English class. Boxes of tissues are always appreciated throughout the semester, please!

    1st Grading Period Units

    Anthem/Z is for Zachariah/Sustained Silent Reading (SOL 9.4)

    Short Story Unit (SOL 9.3, 9.4, 9.5)

    Grammar/Writing Workshop (Weekly) (SOL 9.6, 9.7)

    Literature-Based and Latin Roots Vocabulary (SOL 9.3)

    Narrative and Persuasive Writing (SOL 9.6, 9.7)

    Oral Communications (Daily) (SOL 9.1, 9.2)

    Technology/Chromebooks/Media Center (SOL 9.8)

    Study Skills (Daily)

    A Tale of Two Cities/Sustained Silent Reading (SOL 9.4)


    2nd Grading Period Units

    Feed/A Tale of Two Cities/Sustained Silent Reading (SOL 9.4)

    The Odyssey (SOL 9.3, 9.4, 9.5)

    Persuasive Writing (SOL 9.6, 9.7)

    William Shakespeare/Drama & Poetry (SOL 9.3, 9.4, 9.5, 9.6) 

    Grammar/Writing Workshop (Weekly) (SOL 9.6, 9.7)

    Literature-Based and Latin Roots Vocabulary (SOL 9.3)

    Oral Communications (Daily) (SOL 9.1, 9.2)

    Technology/Chromebooks/Media Center (SOL 9.8)

    Study Skills (Daily)


    Writing Responses: Writing responses are a required, bi-weekly homework assignment along with daily reading at home. Writing responses will be based off of the novel that each student is currently reading, whether it is a class-assigned novel or an individually chosen novel. Students must complete ALL assigned responses each nine weeks. Students will complete a total of six writing responses throughout the semester. The first two weeks of class will be spent introducing and practicing persuasive writing to fulfill writing response requirements.


    Reading Journals: Students will also be required to keep reading journals throughout each nine weeks. These journals will be based off of the novel that each student is currently reading. Students will turn in reading journals every two (2) weeks for a total of nine graded journals. More information on reading journal requirements will be given to students during the first week of class.


    Grading Policies

    Classwork: 10-25 points

    Homework: 40 points

    Vocabulary Quizzes: 30 points

    Writing: 20-100 points

    Other Assignments/Assessments: Point value may vary

    Please note:  The teacher may require several days to grade assignments and post grades on Infinite Campus. For longer written assignments, more time may be needed for grading submissions.

    Progress Reports may be requested 4.5 weeks after the beginning of each grading period. Grades for all of your classes will appear on Infinite Campus. All of the rules found in the Augusta County Student Handbook apply in my classroom. By Augusta County Public Schools policy, your semester grade will be determined by the following breakdown: 80% semester average of each grading period and 20% final exam.


    All work in my class must be completed, including in-class work AND homework. I will mark any assignment that is not turned into me as “Missing” (M) on Infinite Campus. Students are given five (5) days past an assigned due date to turn in missing work with a grading penalty of 10% for each day the assignment is late. After this allotted time, students will receive a “permanent missing” on the assignment, which equates to a zero in Infinite Campus.*

    Absent Work Policy:  Any student who is absent is expected to check his/her class Absent Work folder upon his/her first day back. Any work that was due during the time he/she was absent must be turned in on the first day back in class. Students must turn in missed work in a timely matter to avoid grading penalties. Any work not turned in during the allotted time period will be marked as “Missing” (M) on Infinite Campus.**

    *CHEATING in my class will not be tolerated. This includes copying homework, journal entries, technology assignments, etc. The student(s) will receive a zero on the assignment/quiz and a referral will be written to the office. This is an Honor Code violation!

    **For students who have missed multiple days or have a heavy load of absent work in other classes, they will be granted extensions on turning in absent work on a case-by-case basis. 

    Augusta County Grading Scale

    98-100 A+       92-97 A           90-91 A-

    88-89 B+         82-87 B           80-81 B-

    78-79 C+         72-77 C           70-71 C-

    68-69 D+         62-67 D           60-61 D-

    59 and below F

    Contact Information

    Please contact me at any time if you have any questions about the class policies and coursework found in this syllabus. If you wish to schedule a Parent/Teacher conference anytime, please call the school at 540-245-5050. My email address is cortes.kn@augusta.k12.va.us

    This syllabus is subject to change.