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    Pre-algebra is designed to be both a review and extension of mathematics skills students have learned up to this point.  Emphasis is placed on real-life applications of mathematics, the language of mathematics, and problem solving. Pre-algebra serves as preparation for future math courses, and students do take an end-of-year Math 8 SOL test.

    Students are expected to arrive for class on time, willing to learn, and with all necessary materials (pencil, paper, folder, and planner).  Students should expect 10-20 minutes of homework 2-3 times per week; please keep in mind that regular completion of homework is essential in order to be successful in class.  Homework will always serve as practice and extension of skills learned in class and will never be assigned on a topic that has not been covered in class. Every student will be expected to work to his/her potential in this class and also to treat all members of the class with respect. Additional classroom rules will be explained and posted in the room in addition to the standard Augusta County School Codes/Rules.


    Grading Policy

    • Grading is consistent with Augusta County Schools’ standards. The standard ten point grading scale using the plus (+) and minus (-) will be used.
    • Assignments and assessments are weighted as follows:

    Major Grades 40%           Minor Grades 30%           Participation 20%              Practice 10%


    Major Grades

    • Assessments will be given approximately each week. These assessments will be announced and the student may make a review note card to use on the assessment.  It is the student’s responsibility to ask questions, maintain his/her notes, and complete assignments both in and out of class to ensure his/her success.
    • The students will be allowed to make corrections on each unit assessment.  The corrections will be due within two days of receiving the graded assessment.  The student will receive half credit added to their score IF the correction is correct AND work or an explanation is shown.


    Minor Grades

    • There will be starter activities to be completed in class and turned in at the end of the week. Starters will be graded weekly.
    • There will be in-class projects that are more involved than other activities.  Projects will be worth more than other activities because of the time and effort required to complete them.



    • There will be some form of class work every day. Some days there may be whole class, individual, or small group work. The grade will not only reflect work handed-in, but also participation and effort put forth during class.



    • Mathematics topics are dependent upon the previous topics.  Therefore, practice and homework is vital to the mastery of any given topic. Homework will be graded on effort and completion.  If you try EVERY problem and show ALL work you will receive full credit. Incomplete assignments will earn partial credit. Assignments that are barely attempted or show little effort will receive the lowest possible grade.


    Missed Work

    • If the student does not have his/her work on the day it is due he/she will have 24-hours to produce his/her work for partial credit.  If a student is absent it is his/her responsibility to find out what was missed. If a student is absent the day work is assigned he/she has three days to make up work. If the student is in attendance the day the work is assigned, it is expected to be there the day it is due or, if the student is absent, the following day of attendance.


    Mathematics Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools – 2016 Grade Eight

    Number and Number Sense

    8.1 The student will compare and order real numbers.


    8.2 The student will describe the relationships between the subsets of the real number system.


    8.3 The student will

    1. estimate and determine the two consecutive integers between which a square root lies; and
    2. determine both the positive and negative square roots of a given perfect square.


    Computation and Estimation

    1. 4 The student will solve practical problems involving consumer applications.


    Measurement and Geometry

    8.5 The student will use the relationships among pairs of angles that are vertical angles, adjacent angles, supplementary angles, and complementary angles to determine the measure of unknown angles.


    8.6 The student will

    1. a) solve problems, including practical problems, involving volume and surface area of cones and square-based pyramids; and
    2. b) describe how changing one measured attribute of a rectangular prism affects the volume and surface area.

    8.7 The student will

    1. a) given a polygon, apply transformations, to include translations, reflections, and dilations, in the coordinate plane; and
    2. b) identify practical applications of transformations.


    8.8 The student will construct a three-dimensional model, given the top or bottom, side, and front views.


    8.9 The student will

    1. a) verify the Pythagorean Theorem; and
    2. b) apply the Pythagorean Theorem.


    8.10 The student will solve area and perimeter problems, including practical problems, involving composite plane figures.


    Probability and Statistics

    8.11 The student will

    1. compare and contrast the probability of independent and dependent events; and
    2. determine probabilities for independent and dependent events.


    8.12 The student will

    1. represent numerical data in boxplots;
    2. make observations and inferences about data represented in boxplots; and
    3. compare and analyze two data sets using boxplots.


    8.13 The student will

    1. a) represent data in scatterplots;
    2. b) make observations about data represented in scatterplots; and
    1. use a drawing to estimate the line of best fit for data represented in a scatterplot.


    Patterns, Functions, and Algebra

    8.14 The student will

    1. evaluate an algebraic expression for given replacement values of the variables; and
    2. simplify algebraic expressions in one variable.


    8.15 The student will

    1. determine whether a given relation is a function; and
    2. determine the domain and range of a function.


    8.16 The student will

    1. recognize and describe the graph of a linear function with a slope that is positive, negative, or zero;
    2. identify the slope and y-intercept of a linear function, given a table of values, a graph, or an equation in y = mx + b form;
    3. determine the independent and dependent variable, given a practical situation modeled by a linear function;
    4. graph a linear function given the equation in y = mx + b form; and
    5. make connections between and among representations of a linear function using verbal descriptions, tables, equations, and graphs.


    8.17 The student will solve multistep linear equations in one variable with the variable on one or both sides of the equation, including practical problems that require the solution of a multistep linear equation in one variable.


    8.18 The student will solve multistep linear inequalities in one variable with the variable on one or both sides of the inequality symbol, including practical problems, and graph the solution on a number line.

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