• Class Rules

    We will spend the first few days of school building our classroom community. On Friday we will discuss general rules that we should be following in school. From those ideas, we will create three main categorical rules that will encompass all general rules. Please ask your child what our classroom rules are on Friday afternoon!

    Homework is a vital aspect of your child’s education to ensure that learning is continuing outside of the classroom. Your child will read for 20 minutes and complete an IXL homework assignment each weeknight.  If students have a test the next day, he/she may choose to skip either the reading or math homework in order to study for the test.  You will find any homework assignments written in the weekly newsletter.


    If you plan to be absent, please let me know as soon as possible and I will attempt to gather the materials that your child will miss.  Similarly, if your child is absent, I will send home the missed work for homework.  The amount of time to complete the assignments will be equal to the amount of time missed (ex. one day missed, one night to complete the work; two days missed, two nights to complete the work).  As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
    We will have tests at the end of each unit to ensure that learning has taken place.  I will make every attempt to send home the test answer sheets on Wednesday following the Friday we took the test(s).  Together we will ensure that your child is learning! Tests will primarily take place on Interactive Achievement, a website that contains previously released SOL test questions and Technology Enhanced Items (click and drag, selecting multiple answers, fill in the blank) to provide experience with standardized test questions.  Each test will be carefully examined and designed according to the standards set out by the VDOE.