• Earth Science Classroom Expectations

    Mr. Weiss

    Students are expected to follow all school rules as outlined in the student handbook. The Fort Defiance Honor Code governs all assignments. In addition to these school rules, the following classroom policies and procedures will be observed:

    • Students will need to bring a three-ringed binder to class every day (dividers are required for organization). Additionally, students will need to bring a pen or pencil every day. Students will be in their seats ready to work (homework out, pencils sharpened, and working on the day’s bellwork) when the bell rings for class. Otherwise they will be marked as tardy.

    • Regular homework assignments are used for review and preview. Schoolwork at home may also include classwork not completed in class (still counted as a classwork grade, though). Students will be expected to complete all homework thoroughly, on time, and to the best of their ability.

    • Students who are present in school but absent from class are expected to come by and get their assignments and materials before or after their absence from class. They are also expected to submit any assignments due that day. Students that are absent for the entire day should email the teacher to see what the assignments were and whether any assignment can be provided to them via the internet. All due dates assigned prior to the absence are in effect; that is, if you are absent on Wednesday and an assignment’s due date was scheduled for Thursday, then you will most likely be expected to submit it Thursday. You should also plan on taking any missed quizzes and tests upon your return (come early in the morning, lunch, or after school). Students who miss school due to school-related events are expected to request work prior to their absence(s) and turn in their work upon their return.

    • Book bags are a hazard in the classroom, especially during laboratory activities. Book bags will need to be placed under the desks or anywhere out of the aisles.

    • Permission to leave the classroom for any reason is always necessary and at the total discretion of the teacher. Once permission has been granted, students must sign out when leaving the classroom for any reason except for visits to the water fountain near the classroom.

    • Students are expected to clean up after themselves. All trash will be put in the proper containers. Use classroom recycling bins for paper products only. Please do not put non-recyclables in the paper recycling bin.

    • Students will not disturb materials on the teacher’s front desks, computer desk, or storage closet. Do not touch equipment set up for another class.

    • Students will NOT line up at the door waiting for the bell, but will remain at their seats until the bell rings and they are dismissed by the teacher. This policy promotes on-task behavior and prevents any difficulties that may arise as people enter or exit the room.

    • ALL PERSONAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES will not be used in class unless they are part of the learning process or permitted by the teacher. No personal music will be listened to during class time unless permitted by the teacher. If you need to use your phone to calculate or look up something, you must ask first. Unauthorized use of a cell phone will result in disciplinary action.

    • Food and drink can be very distracting. Light snacking is only permitted as long as it is not disruptive. The only drink permitted during class is water (colorless, tasteless, odorless, etc.). Food and drink will not be permitted during laboratory activities.

    • Classroom furniture, equipment, books, sinks, etc. are to be used properly and not abused. Do not write on desks, lab tables, or any other furniture and equipment in the room. Those who choose to do so will be responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

    • Students will be attentive in class; students will not be allowed to sleep or put their heads down on their desks in class unless permitted by the teacher.

    • Late classwork will receive a maximum score of 60%. Late homework assignments are automatically considered a zero unless prearranged with the teacher.

    • Students are encouraged to come in the mornings or stay after school if they need extra help, get behind in their work, or need to make up a test or quiz.

    • Students are to conduct themselves as ladies and gentleman. No other conduct is acceptable. Excessive talking, rudeness, uncooperative behavior, and/or breaking the rules above (or from the Student Handbook) will result in disciplinary action.

    • Students will be able to listen to music while they work on assignments on the last school day of each week as long as they do not break the rules established above.

    Detention will be held directly before the first bell and directly after the last bell each school day. If you cannot come before or after school to serve detention, then abide by all rules, policies, and procedures. Simple as that!

    In signing the Science Safety Rules and Procedures Agreement, you are also agreeing to the expectations listed above.