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    Arc 121 Sec. 90 Architectural Drafting I

    Fall 2017


    Instructor’s Name: Thomas T. Verga           Phone :  540 245 5050

    Office Location: Classroom           BRCC E-Mail:ttv262@email.vccs.edu

    Office Hours: Before class           Personal E-Mail: tverga@augusta.k12.va.us



    Introduces techniques of architectural Computer Aided drafting, including lettering, dimensioning, and symbols. Requires production of plans, sections, and elevations of a simple building. Studies use of common reference material and the organization of architectural working drawings. Requires development of a limited set of working drawings, including a site plan, related details, and pictorial drawings.



    Upon completion of this course, the student should be proficient in:

    A. Preliminary design: The student will learn the basic types of construction housing designs and use them in practical applications.

    B. Plans: The student will learn the basic methods of drawing floor plans, section views, foundation and framing plans using AutoCad Architecture 2009.

    C. Elevations: The student will create elevation views associated with the floor plans.

    D. Schedules and codes: The student will apply various schedules, building codes, cost analyses, and legal considerations to the planning and design of his or her project.

    E. Research Project: The student will research an architect of his or her choice. The student will present (orally with visual aids) the findings to the class, including time period, philosophy, and accomplishments.


    The student will research a significant structure (selection must be approved by instructor). The student will present (orally with visual aids) the findings to the class, including design parameters, architectural significance, and any noteworthy design details.



    Attendance Policy: Punctuality and regular attendance are essential to the learning process. Should an occasion for tardiness or absence arise, the student should inform the instructor (in advance if possible). All makeup work for missed class time will be the responsibility of the student. Late assignments will not be accepted without prior arrangement. Any late work that is accepted will be subject to a reasonable penalty.


    Grade Determination:

    Grading Scale: A = 90-100, B = 80-89, C = 70-79, D = 60-69, F = below 60

    Gradable Content: Grades will be based on the point system. Grade points will be divided by total possible points to receive grades for the following:

    1. Attendance – 10% 4. Midterm – 10%

    2. Assignments – 20% 5. Participation- 10%

    3. Presentations – 25% 6. Final Exam/Project - 25%


    Academic Honesty (Honor Code):

    "The functioning of an academic community depends on the integrity of all of its members. Blue

    Ridge Community College values truthfulness, respect for the property of others, and honesty in

    academic work." BRCC Honor Code: http://www.brcc.edu/Student/Catalog/academic/code.htm

    As a member of this community, you are responsible for understanding and adhering to the Honor Code. Violations include (but are not limited to) cheating on tests and quizzes, unauthorized collaboration on assignments, and plagiarism. Your instructor is the ultimate source of policy on individual assignments; please consult him or her if you have any questions or concerns about what is permitted. Violations of the Honor Code may result in a grade penalty and/or disciplinary action. For further information on your rights and responsibilities as a student, and the disciplinary guidelines and procedures, please consult the Student Handbook

    (http://www.brcc.edu/Student/Handbook/policy/rights.htm). For information on the grade appeal

    procedure,  please consult the Catalog (http://www.brcc.edu/Student/Catalog/academic/grades.htm).


    Email Correspondence: To protect your privacy, your business with Blue Ridge Community College is conducted only through your college-provided email account. Please use this account to contact your instructors, or when you are conducting other business with BRCC. Your instructors will use this address to contact you as well.



    If you have a disability for which you wish to be considered for an accommodation, please make an appointment with the Office of Disability Services located in the Houff Student Center.

    The purpose of providing accommodations is to ensure that students with disabilities are granted the opportunity to access programs and services offered by the college. Requested accommodations are considered on a case by case basis by the Coordinator of Disability Services, who works with faculty to ensure both access and academic standards are maintained. Students requesting services must meet with the Disability Services Coordinator and provide sufficient documentation of the disability prior to receiving accommodations. Accommodations are not retroactive and do not result in modification of the essential academic elements of the course.

    V. TEXT:

    AutoCAD Architecture 2015 Fundamentals, Elise Moss


    Course week



    Week 1

    Introduction to


    Sketch an interesting structure of your choice

    Week 2

    Architectural drafting


    Project 1 Floor plan exploration

    Week 3

    Architectural drafting


    Project 1 Floor Plan

    Week 4

    Architectural drafting


    Project 1 Revise Floor plan


    Week 5

    Architectural drafting


    Project 1 Roof

    Week 6

    Architectural drafting


    Project 1 Elevations

    Week 7

    Architectural drafting


    Project 1 Building section

    Week 8


    Mid semester Break

    Week 9

    Mid Term Exam

    Project 2 introduction

    Project 1 Wrap up

    Week 10


    Project 2 Floor Plan Exploration

    Week 11


    Project 2 Floor Plan

    Week 12


    Project 2 Floor Plan Exploration

    Begin Research Project

    Week 13

    Research project



    Week 14



    Project 2 Revise Floor Plan

    Week 15


    (Optional Lab time on your own)

    Week 16

    Exam Review

    Project 2 revise and complete

    Week 17

    Final Exam

    Project Due


    Academic Calendar


    • Labor Day (classes as scheduled/administrative offices closed): September 7

    • Fall Break (no classes): October 5-6

    • Thanksgiving Holiday (no classes): November 25-27

    16 Week Session



    Classes Begin

    August 24

    Last Day to Add or Register/Change from Credit to Audit

    August 23

    Late Registration

    August 24-29

    Last Day to Drop with Refund

    September 10

    Last Day to Withdraw w/o Grade Penalty

    November 2

    Application Deadline for Fall Graduation

    November 15

    Classes End

    December 12

    Final Exams

    December 14-19

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