• Manufacturing Systems.

    Mr. Verga

    Course Description: This course will provide students with hands on introduction to Technology transfer/ Cabinetmaking. During their study students will be provided with experiences that will include various aspects of Furniture construction. This will include the following: Sketching, Drawing and, Joinery. . Students will also learn the correct techniques for using tools safely. Students will work on several projects to demonstrate their proficiency.  

    Course Requirements:

    1) Notebook(s) Students are required to have a notebook and bring it to class everyday.

    2) Attendance. This is a hands on course. In order to complete it successfully you must be in the room working.

    3) 10 Wood joints.

    4) Individual Project

    5) Preliminary estimate of Time and money

    6) Actual time and money to build project

    7) Powerpoint presentation showing project steps and comparison of Estimate vs. Actual

    Grading: The final Grade will be based on a combination of the following:

    1) Drawings/ Bill of Material for individual project.

    2) Wood joints, graded on a scale of 1-10.

    3) Tests, there will be a series of Safety tests that students must school a 100% on.

    4) Daily work- Students are expected to be working on one of their projects every day

    5) Lathe project and Individual Project in lieu of a final exam

    Saturday Classes:

    There will be a minimum of 1 Saturday class offered every semester.

    1)  These are not mandatory

    2) 3 people minimum sign up

    3) You do not have to sign up to show up but if you sign up you better show up

    If you/ your parents are not happy with the grade you receive and you have not showed up for after school or for a Saturday classes, we have nothing to discuss

    **IMPORTANT NOTICE** The instructor will be available at least one day a week after school. However the week that grades are due is not the best time to make up work that you have failed to do.

Last Modified on August 19, 2015