• New Trends in Water Color A look into the changes in watercolor from techniques for flowers, animals, faces, painting from photos, turn your drawings into paintings, and much more. A NEW WAY of looking at this medium, and for anyone who wants to use watercolor to express themselves This class is what you are looking for.

    If you have your own supplies, bring what you have. Or Supply List (all supplies can be found on Amazon)

    1. Waterproof fine line black ink pen
    2. A box of Pan watercolor paints – Artist Grade
    3. 2 plastic jars for watercolor
    4. Paper towels
    5. A #8 round watercolor brush (natural bristles or synthetic)
    6. 1 inch Hake brush
    7. Watercolor paper 140lb cold press 9”x12” Canson XL
    8. Butcher tray palette 7 ½”x11”