Daily Homework

  • Students will typically have the following homework items to complete each week:

    DSSR (Daily Social Studies Review) - this is a review of 4th Grade Virginia Studies content.  Unfortunately, there is not enough time during the day to review 4th grade content, but it will be tested on the Social Studies SOL.  Therefore, this DSSR practice each night is imperative to your child's Social Studies success.  Many times, they will be given the opportunity to complete some (or all) of this during class.  The DSSR homework is able to be used each week to assist students on their DSSR Quiz.

    Reading - students should be reading 20 minutes each night from their good fit book.

    Due to the need to keep homework time to a minimum, I do not typically assign math practice for homework.  However, if you feel your child is in need of review and you would like some extra practice resources, please contact me and I will be happy to send practice items home.

    Weekly Folders - Each week I will send home a folder with graded student work.  Please check these folders for graded work as well as important flyers and information each Monday, sign, and return the folder the following day.

    Extra Practice Online:


    www.IXL.com (usename - student lunch number@augusta, password - student lunch number)


    www.readtheory.org  (usernames and passwords vary, please contact me for log ins)