• FAQs 

    1. What is “gifted and talented” (G&T)?

    Gifted and talented is used to describe students who “perform or show the potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared with others of their age, experience, or environment” (US Department of Education, 1993).  Their talents may be academic, artistic, athletic, or social.  While WMHS recognizes that all students exhibit talents, the Augusta County School District determines how students are identified as gifted.  These gifted students are eligible for differentiated instruction such as an accelerated curriculum or extracurricular enrichment experiences.

    1. How is my student identified as gifted at WMHS?

    Students are identified through a screening process or by referral.  At WMHS, most gifted students were identified through a screening process in elementary or middle school.  For students who are new to the school district or who have not been identified as gifted previously, a referral is necessary.  For details on the referral process, the student should contact their guidance counselor or G&T coordinator.


    1. Can my student get identified as gifted if he/she has not already been identified?

    Yes, there is a referral process for students who are new to the district or believe they should be identified as gifted.  The referral process starts by contacting the WMHS guidance counselor assigned to the student.  A referral may come from the student themselves, or from a parent, teacher, administrator, community member, or peer.

    1. What does Virginia require public schools to provide to gifted students?

    Each district must have a Local Plan for the Education of the Gifted.  This plan describes the areas of giftedness the school division will serve, an operational definition of giftedness, procedures used to identify gifted students, plans for professional development of teachers and curriculum, and involvement of parents and community.

    1. How can I get a copy of Augusta County’s Local Plan for the Education of the Gifted?

    Hard copies are supposed to be available in the main office of the school.  If they are not available there, you should contact the instructional supervisor of gifted in Augusta County’s district office in Verona.

    1. Who is the instructional supervisor for Gifted Education in Augusta County?

    Angela Deitz is the current supervisor. The Augusta County School District maintains a page with more information about gifted programs at: https://www.augusta.k12.va.us/Page/21339

    1. Who is the G&T coordinator at WMHS?

    Kari Hite, khite@augusta.k12.va.us

    1. Is there a G&T guidance counselor at WMHS?

    All students are assigned a guidance counselor based on the first letter of their last name.  There is not a specific counselor for gifted students.

    1. How can I support G&T programs at WMHS?

    All support for G&T programs is welcome.  If you are interested in donating your time to supporting programs, please contact the G&T Committee, a group of volunteers composed of teachers, administrators, parents, and staff.  You may also choose to donate to the G&T Fund at WMHS.  Any donations to the G&T Fund go directly to support G&T programs and gifted student at WMHS.

    1. Are there any WMHS courses specifically designed for gifted students?

    There is no specific G&T program of courses.  However, gifted students are expected to pursue an advanced diploma and encouraged to take challenging courses such as advanced placement (AP) and foreign language courses.  Gifted students should also consider taking courses in Virtual Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley Regional Governors School.  For more information about these options, visit:



    1. How many WMHS students are identified as gifted?

    There are 200-250 students at WMHS who are identified as gifted, representing approximately 30% of the school population.


    1. In what specific areas does WMHS identify gifted students?

    Augusta County recognizes two areas of giftedness, specific academic aptitude and visual and/or performing arts aptitude.  In specific academic aptitude, a student is identified as gifted in English, mathematics, and/or science.  In the arts, a student is identified as gifted in instrumental music, vocal music, theatre, and/or visual arts.  Students may be identified for their aptitude in more than one area or discipline.

    1. What are gifted students required to do?

    There are no requirements for gifted students at WMHS.  Instead, students should view their identification as an opportunity to take advantage of resources made available through G&T programs at the school and in the school district.  Depending upon the specific area of giftedness, these G&T programs may include advanced coursework and/or extracurricular activities.

    1. Are there extracurricular programs for gifted students at WMHS?

    No, but many students participate in school clubs, honors societies, and summer programs.  If you wish to learn of extracurricular opportunities and programs, contact the G&T coordinator to be notified using the Remind service.  For more information about school clubs and honors societies, visit the Clubs link on the WMHS homepage:


    1. Where can I learn more about Virginia programs to support gifted students?

             The Department of Education hosts a FAQs page at:          http://www.doe.virginia.gov/instruction/gifted_ed/faq.shtml