• Mrs. Hepler's

            Geometry Course Syllabus


    Teachers: Kimberly Hepler                               School Phone Number: 540-245-5050
    E-mail: khepler@augusta.k12.va.us                      

      Materials:  It is vital to be prepared for all class everyday.  You are required to bring the following materials to class everyday:

    1) #2 Pencil/Erasers                2) Calculator – Casio CFX 9850Ga (These are for classroom use only)

    3) Notebook - 3-ring binder     4) Colored Pencils   

    5) Homework                            6) Ruler/Protractor/Scissors/and Compass, should be kept in a

                                                          pocket holder in the notebook for classroom use.

     These items also need to be available at home for homework assignments:

    • Scientific calculator (approx. $10 – 15 at Wal-Mart/K-Mart/Target)
    • Ruler
    • Protractor

    -    Compass

    Theses items are very inexpensive and necessities for Geometry Homework, so I will be

    checking to make sure that every student has them by the second week of school.

    Grading Scale: Student averages will come from the following Class Participation 10%,

    Daily Work 20%, Quizzes 25%, and Tests 45%.  I follow the Augusta County grading scale.

    A+  : 100 - 98     B+  : 89 - 88    C+  : 79 - 78     D+  : 69 - 68     

    A    97 - 92      B   : 87 - 82    C   :  77 – 72     D   : 67 - 62        F  : Below 60

    A-   91 - 90     B-  : 81 - 80    C-   71 - 70    D-  : 61 - 60

     Homework:  Homework is assigned and graded daily. 

    *** Homework is NOT OPTIONAL in SOL courses!  Students, who do not do their homework on a regular basis, get behind therefore it makes it difficult for a student to move ahead with new material.   Students who are not in class for whatever reason are still responsible for completing and turning in the assignment(s).  Late assignments will not be accepted.  When a student is absent the assignment(s) due when they were out will be due the day they return to school. 

    A Four-Point scale is used to grade homework.  First, I check if all problems are completed.  An assignment that is completely completed earns a 4/4.  An assignment that is missing a few problems earns a 3/4 and a paper that is only halfway completed earns a 2/4.  An additional point is subtracted if a student did not show all work when solving or directions were not followed.

    Examples of grading

    • Complete with all work shown: 4/4
    • Skipped a few problems: 3/4
    • Complete but only showed work on half: 3/4
    • Only did half: 2/4

     I will use the following footnotes in my grade book.  These will help students and parents to be aware of the reason for the score.

    I: Incomplete   W: Did not show work   D: Did not follow directions  M: Missing


     - Each student is expected to keep an up-to-date notebook, which includes dates, objectives, notes, class work, and homework for each class period.

     - Each student is expected to enter the class room and begin work immediately SILENTLY on the daily Starter.  Student(s) entering the class or not working silently when the tardy tone sounds will be considered tardy to class.

     - Fidget toys are NOT allowed to be out during class unless prescribed by a doctor for ADHD/ADD.

     - Cell phones are NOT allowed to be out during class unless they are being used in class for academic purposes or for medical purposes.  Students should not be texting, checking the time, or on the internet during class.  Wearable devices are included except for time purposes. 

     - Attendance is a necessity.  I can’t teach you if you are not here! It is the responsibility of the student to make-up any missed work while they were absent.  They are expected to come in before the next school day to get make-up work, get class notes, assignments make-up a quiz or test, etc.   If a student misses a pre-scheduled quiz or test they will be expected to make it up before or after school the first day back.

     - Each student will need to spend some time each evening reviewing terms, definitions, properties, postulates, and theorems that he or she has learned in class that day.

     - Homework needs to be done every night.  Rarely, will students not have some type of geometry homework.

     - Homework is checked for completeness during the Starter.  Students should know which problems they would like to see worked in class the next day. 

     - Each student and parent will be expected to sign and return a copy of the Honor Code, Classroom Discipline Plan, and Information Sheet. 

     -  A student needing extra help when their do not understand a topic covered in class.  This will need to be done as soon as possible so that further understanding is not hindered.  I will usually be available in my room A2 before school from approximately 7:50 – 8:10 and after school from approximately 3:10-3:30.

     - Calculators:  These are for classroom use only, and every student will be assigned a specific calculator number that they will use during that block.   It is very important a student notify me at the VERY beginning of class if their calculator is missing or damaged 

     Thank You 

    K.D.A Hepler