• Current Event Rubric: (Due  September 18th,   October 29th,  and  December 9th)

    Current Events are small reflections on any recent astronomy articles that can be related back to what we are doing, have done, or will do in class. These are not meant to be long reports, but will have three major sections that MUST be in the paper. The entire current event should be at least one page of content (taking up a quarter of a page with just titles doesn’t cut it). This rubric will give a more in-depth explanation of what’s required in this assignment.

    Article (15 points)

    The article must be a sound scientific article, IE the information it presents is sound and correct. The best way to make sure of this is to use articles from scholarly and legitimate sources. Obvious articles from sites like wikipedia wouldn’t make any sense to use because they are not articles on recent new discoveries and new findings in astronomy (do not use one that just applies astronomy to some activity). The article that is used must also be attached via printed copy. This is a free make it or break it 15 points.

    Overall Format (10 points)

    Things to remember: name, date, and block at the top, title, article is attached to the current event, a citation is included, double spaced, typed on a computer, 12 pt font, times new roman equivalent, etc. This pretty basic, so just make sure you have all the components to your current event there and you’ll be good.

    Citation (5 points)

    Please make sure to place a citation of the article, preferably either before the title of the article in your current event or at the very end of your current event. Do not rely on some weird URL slapped on the bottom of the article by your printer. Make sure it is MORE than just a URL...

    Major Findings (20 points)

    This is one of the three biggest sections in the current event. It should be a summary of the article, giving insight and details to what happened in your own words; a paragraph in length is minimum. This is where plagiarism has the highest chance to occur (whether it is conscious or unconscious)! Please make sure to not copy pieces from the article into this section without using quotes, and keep the quotes to a minimum. I want to see your understanding of the event, not the author’s understanding! I can read the article to get their views (which I shall).

    Reflection (20 points)

    This is the most important part of the current event. Here, in your own words, you will reflect on the article, aka give your own opinions on it and what you think this means to the rest of the world. Why do you consider this important? Why is this so interesting? Do you think this will have an impact anywhere else? Could this lead to some new discovery, technology, whatever? Etc. Those are just some of the possible questions you could answer in your writings. But be creative, it should be a paragraph in length as a minimum. Do NOT tell me it has no impact or you don’t know. That is NOT creative.

    Connection (20 points)

    The final large portion of this assignment, you must relate the article back to something we have or will be discussed in class. It can be related to anything that we’re doing now, what we’ve done, or what we’re going to do (IE: what do you hope to learn about this topic?). Have fun, and write a paragraph in length as a minimum.

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